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Soviet nightmares of Sakartvelo

30.11.2011  |  13:47

Soviet nightmares of Sakartvelo. 25100.png

Establishment of the Eurasian Union is haunting official Tbilisi. Georgia is afraid that Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan would revive the Soviet Union. The claims, as usual, are addressed only to Moscow. Like, it wants to drag all the former Soviet republics into the block. To top it off, leadership of the Russian Federation is charged with placing "missiles" - allegedly in response to provocative actions in the context of the U.S. missile defense system. How to respond to the next wave of hysteria of Georgian pseudo diplomats? GeorgiaTimes' correspondent talked about this with the former Russian ambassador to Georgia Felix Stanevsky.

"Any attempt to restore the Soviet Union in the post-soviet space is unrealistic and will have no future, sincerely believes Deputy Foreign Minister Nino Kalandadze. Russian government has just such intentions, and the idea of ​​a Eurasian Union is nothing but an attempt to revive the Soviet Union". According to the diplomat, insidious Moscow intends to create a bloc at the former Soviet area, and tries to drag there all the former republics of the Soviet bloc. Kalandadze warns that the Eurasian Union would collapse. "On the Russian side it is delusional idea, she said. It is well known that the post-Soviet countries are independent countries, and they operate as independent states".

Apparently, Mrs. Kalandadze cannot imagine that Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan wwould strengthen economic ties based on the model of the confederation. And it's not necessary to sacrifice independence. But for Georgia, this word seems to have a special meaning. First, the sovereignty of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which Saakashvili appeared unable to subdue - is a sore place for the current regime. Secondly, just because of immense pride of their leader, Georgia withdrew from the CIS and lost much. Now Sakartvelo is desperately searching for markets for their products in China, the United States, and God knows where else. But it is clear that they should put emphasis on the CIS. It is obvious for everyone, except for Saakashvili and his entourage. Although probably, Mishiko is worrying about getting closer of Moscow, Minsk and Kazakhstan not in vain. They have got promises from the high tribune of billions of investments have, and here is such a surprise. The only he can do - is to pour out the bile. But that's not all.

Official Tbilisi is seriously concerned about the response of Russia in regard to the deployment of American EuroABM. Despite the fact that the Georgian diplomats do not affect anything, they want to contribute at least something. And, of course, to please Washington. "Georgia cannot neutrally evaluate the deployment of Russian missiles, said Kalandadze. Such actions are a threat to all, and this is an issue about which Georgia has been talking for many years, especially after the August war".

It would be ridiculous to make excuses to Kalandadze in this case. The only thing we can advise the Georgian diplomat - to look at the speech of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev closer. If a radar station in Kaliningrad - is mysterious "missiles", then what we're talking about?

GeorgiaTimes' correspondent contacted the former Russian ambassador to Georgia, now the head of the Caucasus department of the Institute of CIS countries, Felix Stanevsky, and asked to comment the statements from Tbilisi. In his opinion, the efforts of Saakashvili's regime are aimed to create problems for Russia and the countries that cooperate with it. "During long time not only Saakashvili, but Shevardnadze and Gamsakhurdia were engaged in it. The Georgian political elite carries out hostile policy towards Russia, said the expert. Under this policy, all Russia's achievements and successes - all of this is considered by the political circles of Georgia as a subject for overtones and as topics, negatively evaluated at the political level and in the media. This is quite a common practice of their political elite. And they will do it as long as Georgia understands the need to develop normal relations with Russia".

As for the Eurasian Union, according to our interlocutor, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan well know that we are not talking about restoring the Soviet Union. "In fact, the revival of the Soviet Union is impossible even for the simple reason that Georgia will not enter it for sure, Stanevsky believes. But I think, not only Georgia, but many other countries that were part of the USSR wouldn't enter it. And the very talks about the revival of the USSR are the fear of strengthening of Russia's influence not only in the CIS, but also generally in the world affairs. As soon as the Russian Federation has taken some successful actions, we immediately see comments that Russia is pursuing an expansionist policy, following in the footsteps of the USSR, that it's Empire. If you have an opportunity to say that the Soviet Union is being restored, if you can mention Eurasian Union in this context, Saakashvili's regime would do that. In general, it is common practice of the Georgian political elite. And frankly, I think that it is not necessary to pay attention to this".

Maxim Sergeev

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