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Ilia II is doing house chores

14.12.2011  |  11:01

Ilia II is doing house chores. 25702.jpeg

The head of Georgian Church Ilia II initiated the establishment of small enterprises in rural areas, which would give job to the unemployed population. The patriarch complained that because of the situation in the country the women are forced to work harder than the men and to go abroad and perform the most menial jobs there. The head of the church mentioned the ministers who are too lazy to do really profitable business for the country. GeorgiaTimes' correspondent asked the Academician Nestan Kirtadze to comment the words of the patriarch.

Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II is not limited to resolving spiritual matters of his flock. The head of the church is strongly raising his voice either over political or social issues, the answer to which cannot be given even by the Georgian government. Patriarch is deeply concerned about the situation in the provinces of the country: it is not a secret that the province of Sakartvelo is suffering from painful unemployment. Residents flee from there and finally finish off the agriculture. Why do they stay - as the government cannot give them any opportunity to work and earn.

This sad situation has attracted the attention of the patriarch. During his traditional Sunday sermon, he called to create small businesses in rural areas, which would at the very least give job to the people. As now in the Georgian villages there is nothing but land and cattle, and that's necessary for people to flee from there to earn their daily bread.

"The shameful fact that our women go abroad and they take care of the children, cleaning, washing floors, it is humiliating. In the past, a man brought the bread in the house, and now on the contrary, he sits at home, and a woman - God knows how she is, where and with by whom. I think it's wrong", the Patriarch said.

It's needless to say that for the patriarchal society in the Caucasus it is a wild, unacceptable situation when the self-sacrificing wife serves a man, a loafer against his will. No wonder that Ilia II, whose duty is to uphold the traditional family structure and values, worries about this situation.

"Only system of registration of people cannot hold them in rural areas. It is essential that they got a work. We must create conditions for the villagers", Ilia II said. What to do this? Not so much: the government must allocate credits for creation of small businesses in the Georgian province. This will enable to occupy local people.

All the more, profitable projects in the literal sense of the word lie under the feet. "Several years ago I was in Holland, in May, and asked to show me the plantation of tulips. They said that many Georgian ministers came to him, but you are the first who took interest in plantation, they are not interested. You don't need very big sum, you just do not know how to make the first step. They told me that Netherlands has grown rich on the flowers. Take up the gardening, they said, you have a great neighbor, Russia, and it will be great market", said the Patriarch.

For the Dutchs it's excusable not to know something about the intricacies of relations between Russia and Georgia. No wonder they do not realize that Tbilisi cannot overload its northern neighbor with flowers even mentally. But the Georgian ministers must burn with shame: their work is done by the head of the church, who must not think of how to enrich the country. But while the ruling top amuses itself with foolish projects like the notorious Lasika, those who take their responsibilities seriously and in earnest have to think about how to feed the people

"Our patriarch Ilia II often drawn to the problems, which worry Georgian society, in his epistles and Sunday sermons. Ilia II consults with experts in various fields and voices the worries of the people", the historian and academician Nestan Kirtadze told GeorgiaTimes. "One of the topics is the problem of agriculture. It is not really retard, and not at really low level - it's even difficult to find adequate words to describe such terrible situation with agriculture in Georgia. It does not move, does not develop, and it's real trouble for the country. Sakartvelo is still traditionally agricultural country.

After Georgia has lost its traditional Russian market, the situation with agriculture there became a nightmare. It is not even because of the fact that the sale of products to Russia allowed the Georgian peasants to earn. Simultaneously it stimulated the development of agricultural complex and helped it to move forward. And the last 5-8 years it does not.

All patriots, all the experts, the people, who really takes care of what will happen to Georgia, are shouting from the rooftops and say about necessity of new initiatives. Including, of course, the patriarch Ilia II. It is not the first time when he speaks about the need to develop agriculture, one way or another, the patriarch returns to the subject for the past six years.


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