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Sunday, 22 April 2018


Tortladze has failed secret mission?

22.12.2011  |  12:16

Tortladze has failed secret mission?. 25924.jpeg

Another political scandal has broken out around the figure of Bidzina Ivanishvili. The leader of the parliamentary faction "Strong Georgia" Gia Tortladze tycoon accused him of trying to buy the Georgian political parties for money of Gazprom and the FSB. According to Tortladze, he has learnt this from the "Ivanishvili's surroundings". The businessman's political allies, the party of "Free Democrats", suspected Tortladze of libel and demanded to investigate his testimony. GTimes' correspondent asked the Georgian MP Petre Mamradze to comment this situation.

"Ivanishvili, who has become more active in recent time, is Russian oligarch and he trying to buy the Georgian political parties. This is the Russian money, which Ivanishvili received from Gazprom and the FSB", Gia Tortladze said at a meeting of the Parliament of Georgia. "Alasania's party, the republicans, Zviad Dzidziguri (leader of the conservatives - Ed.), Koba Davitashvili (leader of the "People's Party" - Ed.) and the expert council are fully funded by Ivanishvili". Tortladze explained that he had received this information from a source close to the ambience of the oppositional tycoon, adding that the money goes for "the attempt to create revolt in the country".

"Free Democrats", who were mentioned by Tortladze, immediately responded to the loud statement of the MP. The party member George Tsagareishvili said that in Georgian politics there are people who perform a particular task, but "doing it so ineptly that it is not difficult to guess whence the task came". Tsagareishvili also demanded from the Prosecutor's Office and Interior Ministry to examine the legality of Tortladze's charges. "I hope it will be investigated and the authorities will present their conclusion in the parliament, so that we finally learnt what we are dealing with", he said.

GTimes' correspondent contacted with another political party, which has recently entered into an alliance with Bidzina Ivanishvili - the republicans, and asked its member Levan Berdzenishvili to comment the statement of Gia Tortladze. Though, our interlocutor declined to comment, saying only that it is "a game which we're not going to play".

The deputy of the faction "Unity for Democracy" Peter Mamradze agreed to clarify the situation. This fall, Mamradze was also accused of performing an "order of Moscow". It happened after the parliamentary session, during which the oppositionist said about the definite fault of President Mikhail Saakashvili in the events of 2008. Not having completed the phrase, Mamradze got a slap from the chairman of the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources Akaki Bobokhidze.

- Is Tortladze's statement bolstered with actual evidences?

- He has absolutely no proof. Of course, this is pure lies. The explanation to these revelations of Tortladze is simple: Saakashvili simply has no arguments, the current regime has committed many serious crimes, and authorities are aware that soon they will have to respond for them before an independent and impartial tribunal. So now we have entered into the phase, which reminds me of the 30s of last century, when perfectly innocent people were accused of God knows what. Every citizen of our or any other country can be accused of service to Gazprom, as it was with member of the European Commission Heidi Tagliavini, who investigated the causes of the conflict in 2008. That time, I remind, Yakobashvili (State Minister for Reintegration of Georgia. - Ed.) stated that the Commission was funded by the Russian gas giant. Now the same thing happens. And the fact that this slander comes from a kind of opposition is not surprising. Everyone knows that Tortladze and many others are direct part of the regime. Saakashvili has created them and controls them, and they can't say even a word without a direct order of Merabishvili (Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia. - Ed.) and co. I want to say with full responsibility that such a slander has no effect on our society or causes the opposite effect. That is, the people stand up for those accused, because they really understand what really lies behind these accusations.

- Will they conduct an investigation, on which "Free Democrats" insisted?

- Of course, no one investigate anything. They will raise a howl. If you recall September 27, when I was attacked in the parliament by Bobokhidze, known for his criminal past, under the Georgian legislation the prosecutors were to immediately open a case, under which he was to get seven years in prison - the least. But so far nothing has been even started. Our justice is quite selective: more than half of all prisoners are innocent, or have committed a minor act for which the maximum penalty in a normal country would be a fine. Meanwhile the real criminals are free and do what they want. Unfortunately, it has become the norm, and I hope very much that this will end soon. No wonder that Thomas Hammarberg (High Commissioner of Council of Europe. - Ed.) has recently stated that Georgia is a country where innocent people can confess to heinous crimes which they had never committed.


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