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Alla Dzhioeva: pure teacher

26.12.2011  |  16:13

Alla Dzhioeva: pure teacher. 25952.jpeg

On Friday, Moscow met by Alla Dzhioeva. Presidential elections in South Ossetia have turned her into one of the most recognized South Ossetian politicians, both at home and far abroad. But the press conference in Moscow was a kind of a unique event. In a sense, this is a great success: the Moscow grounds have been unavailable for Alla Dzhioeva so far. GTimes' correspondent told about the atmosphere of the event and its main acting person - Alla Dzhioeva.


"She is pure teacher of the Soviet training. It becomes apparent through her behavior. Just a real school teacher", our correspondent told.

Until now, Dzhioeva could be seen only in Tskhinval. On Friday, the most popular woman in South Ossetia appeared before Moscow journalists for the first time.

Dzhioeva once again voiced her views on events in South Ossetia. "We are ready for any compromise, if only to avoid bloodshed. That agreement, which was signed by Mr. Kokoity and me, took place only because the situation was extremely tense. And I could not let that my coming to power would be based on bloodletting. I see now that I was a bit naive in this regard. They used our insane fatigue: we were staying in tents day and night for thirteen days. And when I was asked to sign this agreement, the options were as follows: either Mr. Vinokurov leaves us face to face with Kokoity and his henchmen, or we sign this agreement on which our party guarantees withdrawal of the people from the square. We have fulfilled all our obligations", Dzhioeva said.

However, the journalists have heard this for many times. Messages about the crisis in South Ossetia have been appearing in the media for a long time. The opposing side also tried to discredit Dzhioeva and her surroundings as much as possible. They were accused of "pro-Western" and even "pro-Georgian" mood. Finally, the opposition has an opportunity to say that it is not true. "Not winners, but losers arrange Maidan. Or, as we see by the events in Moscow, anti-systemic liberal loudmouths that would not score even one percent of the vote in the elections. It is the desire to throw mud. In response to this I say: gentlemen, you can miss, but your hands remain dirty, as well as your face", Alla Dzhioeva said.

Whoever becomes the next president of South Ossetia, Alla Dzhioeva said, it will be very hard time for him, since he will receive an unenviable legacy. "It's not just the wrenched streets of Tskhinval, but also seriously wrenched souls", Dzhioeva believes.

She also recalled about Georgia. "In 1989 we came out with primitive sticks to defend ourselves from the fascist regime of Gamsakhurdia and we have been struggling with dignity for 22 years. Huge thanks to Russia, which has saved us from mass destruction. As for Georgia, sooner or later a politician who admits his guilt to the Ossetian people will come to power there. And will make the Georgian people to answer for these crimes and will pave the way for dialogue. They must recognize that they have been systematically destroying the Ossetian people", Alla Dzhioeva said.

Now the past South Ossetian President Eduard Kokoity is long well known in Moscow. They say, he has been spending more time in the Russian capital than at home. Dzhioeva is still the rare visitor here. Our correspondent told about his impression of her.

- There is a feeling that she is not worth it. She has not yet managed to acquire the presidential charisma; probably she will succeed in some time. During a press conference Dzhioeva constantly stressed that she is independent politician, not someone's henchman (meaning that the coach of the Russian Dzambolat Tedeev, the most ardent Kokoity's enemy, stands behind her). Of course, she is very lucky in that Anatoly Barankevich (former Defense Minister of South Ossetia) supports her, otherwise it would be difficult for her to act like a president", our correspondent told about his impression.

Anton Krivenuk

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