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Saakashvili vs Putin

23.01.2012  |  19:37

Saakashvili vs Putin. 26158.jpeg

Russia does not want to direct its sight at Georgia. But if the republic's leadership will help the United States to create a missile defense system in the South Caucasus, it can happen irreparable. On this eve, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has warned Mikhail Saakashvili about this. In his words, Moscow would simply have to respond to the deployment of radars in close proximity to its southern borders. This means that the the complex "Iskander" may join the systems S-300 and "Tornado", stationed in the region.

"Today, the ABM is on the agenda", Putin said in talking to journalists. "We care about where this system will be deployed, closer or farther away from our borders. We are not indifferent whether it will be in Georgia, in the end. And we would have to aim our offensive system at the Georgian territory? Can you imagine such a horror? And do we have a guarantee that it will not happen? No".

According to the Prime Minister, so far, official Tbilisi has not responded to Moscow's peace initiatives. "When we tell our Georgian colleagues, let's do something, they always refuse. And, besides this, they perpetrate aggressive acts in relation to South Ossetia", he added.

Americans' flurry activity, creating a missile defense system in Europe, is of concern to Moscow. This week, alert radar in Turkey started operating. This means that EUROPRO is gradually moving to the Caucasus.

As for Georgia, the leadership of the republic has long declared its readiness to deploy both radars and missiles. Tbilisi's motivation is clear: firstly, it's a bow to Washington, and secondly, the ability to obtain financing, plus an additional guarantee of security. But whether it is expedient for the Americans? According to the Russian military experts, the relief of Georgia is not suitable for any radar. In terms of participation in EUROPRO, the most that Saakashvili can get - it is basing anti-missile launch sites. And Russia has everything necessary to suppress signals from a radar station in Georgia.

Already now, Russia's capabilities in the South Caucasus are great. For example, complex air defense missile systems of medium-range S-300, capable of hitting any ballistic targets, is responsible for the safety of the airspace of Abkhazia. At one time, Georgia was outraged from the appearance of the C-300 in the Transcaucasian republic, but it is a purely defensive weapon. In other words, the Russian air defense systems may be needed only if only Saakashvili gives an order to attack Abkhazia.

In addition, Russian military base, stationed in South Ossetia, inclides a division of multiple-launch rocket systems "Tornado". At the sight of these weapons Tbilisi gets dumbfounded. The only thing that can pronounce the Georgian rulers at that time - these are the words of the continuation of "an aggressive policy of Russia" and increase "the danger of war" in the region.

Moscow has no other way out. This is the respond to the re-equipment of Georgian army, which has been carried out recently and thus has got a sufficient number of modern equipment from the U.S. and Israel. A variant of a military solution of the issue of Abkhazia and South Ossetia can not be excluded under such circumstances.

The more impressive the Georgia's military potential would become, the greater will be Russia's reaction. It is a fact that Tbilisi will have to accept. Who knows, if the "August 2008" would not have happened, maybe Moscow would have looked at the re-equipment of Saakashvili's army without much anxiety. Now please don't take it amiss. By the way, about the five days of August. In American film, shot on Georgian money, there is one scene that does not cause anything but laughter. "The Russians have rejected proposal", Andy Garcia (Mikhail Saakashvili) said. "Which?", the assistant of the Georgian president exclaims. "All of them", bitterly says Garcia-Saakashvili. A very clear illustration. Georgia has never had any concrete initiatives for dialogue with Russia and couldn.t have. And for Tbilisi, to accept Moscow's proposal means failure in the diplomatic war, started by the leadership of the republic.

But let's get back to the main theme. It is clear that if Georgia deploys missile defense system, Russia has to respond. The systems "Iskander" will be directed at the republic, and this is no joke. Saakashvili wants to play in a team with the United States. So he will have to accept the rules. In general, the Georgian leadership should think over the fact that having entered the path of senseless war against Tehran, the country can easily become a target of Iranian missiles. And it's much more serious than educational measures in the form of Russia's threatening but silent "Iskander" systems.

Ruslan Chigoev

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