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Javakh diaspora of Russia boycotts Eurovision

07.02.2012  |  21:46

Javakh diaspora of Russia boycotts Eurovision. 26350.jpeg

This year popular Eurovision song contest will be held in Baku. However, the smoldering conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the situation in Nagorny Karabakh threatens to spoil the event. Javakh diaspora of Russia suggests that Baku refuse to hold the contest in the country asking for the global community if Azerbaijan has a moral right to host Eurovision and inviting to boycott the event.


ADDRESS of Javakh diaspora of Russia to countries taking part in Eurovision 2012 song contest.

"Eurovision song contest scheduled for May 2012 will be held for the 57th time and the capital of Azerbaijan is to host it as a result of the victorious performance of an Azerbaijani duet last year.

We would like to ask the civilized community whether Azerbaijan that has been practicing authoritarianism, national discrimination, violence and xenophobia for decades as its state policy, has a moral right to hold this widely popular song contest.

Official Baku will go any length and do its best to raise its international image by presiding over regional and international forums and hosting mega events. Yet, the true colors of the country are well-known to the world. It is no secret that today's Azerbaijan is:

- A country where freedom of speech is grossly violated, self-expression and rights of journalists are not respected, where the opposition, independent press and civil society are severely pressurized, where prisons are overfilled with political prisoners, rights defenders and young activists;

- A country that, as officially reported, forced over 500 thousand Armenians to flee leaving their historic lands, houses and properties as a result of ethnic cleansings and acts of genocide against indigenous Armenian population (starting from 1988);

- A country that unleashed a war in Artsakh (Karabakh) taking lives of many innocent civilians. During the war the country did not have mercy on its citizens resorting to provocative frame-ups including notorious events in Hojalini where Azerbaijani civilians were killed and disfigured by the army of Azerbaijan.

- A country where rights of national minorities are continuously infringed, where Lezghins, Talyshs, Udins, Kurds, Jews, Russians, Georgians and others are forcedly assimilated. A country that has been practicing ethnocide for a long time and without any shame.

- A country that hiding behind the mask of friendship and trust expands its territorial borders boldly grabbing neighboring lands, destroying or impropriating its historic monuments and sanctuaries. The whole world condemned destruction of Armenian monuments in Nahichevan, when Azerbaijan pulled down hachkaras in Saint Jug, the world's cultural legacy.

This list can be continued but it is unnecessary, we believe. These facts are well-known and have confirmations in media space.

We remind that eleven years ago Azerbaijan entered the Council of Europe (CE) and undertook to observe human rights and human dignity. Accordingly, we consider it INDISPENSIBLE that Baku comply with its international obligations. To start with, media environment should be liberated, political activities should be set free and illegal expropriation of property should be stopped.

We believe that the Council of Europe must not ignore such negative factors as completely discredited elections, life-long presidency, repressions against mass media and the opposition, journalists and political prisoners rotting in jails, regular violations of rights of citizens and national minorities ecc.

We are sure it is necessary to ask the government of Azerbaijan who started ethnic cleansings and who unleashed the war in Artsakh (Karabakh) forcing hundreds of thousands people to leave their places of residence. The country that used violence and national discrimination as its state policy must be responsible morally, politically and materially for its deeds.

We believe that progressive humanity together with the Republic of Armenia must protect Armenian refugees from Azerbaijan, and the government of Azerbaijan must raise the question of compensation for damages incurred by these people and restore their rights.

We have no doubts and we expect adequate assistance of international organizations - UN, OSCE, PACE, CIS and others.

We, like many social activists, are ready to cooperate with democratic institutions and sane global forces to solve problems of refugees in South Caucasus and normalize inter-ethnic relationships.

In respect of memory of peaceful Armenians guiltlessly killed by Azerbaijani nationalists and in compassion with many hundreds of thousands of Armenian refugees we call on Armenia to forego participation in the song contest.

We call on countries that founded Eurovision contest as well as performers and the European Broadcasting Union to support us and join in the boycott against the song contest in order to invite and force Azerbaijan to comply with its obligations before the Council of Europe and humanity".

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Anton Krivenuk

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