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Friday, 17 August 2018


All means are good in struggle for South Ossetia

08.02.2012  |  20:56

All means are good in struggle for South Ossetia. 26359.jpeg

Intrigues are companions of the elections. The struggle for the presidency in South Ossetia is no exception. The closer the election day, the more true this is. Anyone who has firsthand experience with political technologies, knows that is not so important what they say about you. It is important that they're talking about you. Especially if you are a presidential candidate. This week in Tskhinval, they started talking about the two contenders for the top job - the leader of the Social Democratic Party Dmitry Tasoev and South Ossetian Ambassador in Russia Dmitry Medoyev.

South Ossetian media have been actively discussing the presidential candidate of South Ossetia, the chairman of the Social Democratic Party Dmitry Tasoev. More precisely - his article on the presidential election in December 2011 and the role of Modest Kolerov, editor in chief of news agency REGNUM. In his article Tasoev called Kolerov "puppeteer of South Ossetia" and accused him of purposeful thwarting the expression of popular will.

The title of Tasoev's article is, to say the least, provocative: "On whom the puppeteer is working?" The main content is something like this: the former South Ossetian President Eduard Kokoity wanted to retain the power in the republic and perhaps, life-long presidency. For Kokoity it was impossible to achieve this by re-election or nominating his "faithful man" for election. "Vain attempts to frame up a third term failed, his authority as the President of South Ossetia is low, he cannot choose a successor even from his surroundings", the author of the article described the situation with Kokoity. Therefore, according to him, Eduard Kokoity resorted to the services of the chief editor of REGNUM Modest Kolerov. According to the author, on the eve of elections in 2011, Kolerov's people together with the apparatus of the government of Eduard Kokoity developed a clever election scheme with many pitfalls for candidates. They were mainly intended for Anatoly Bibilov and Alla Dzhioeva. To lure the general Bibilov into the trap of "a huge propaganda machine, seasoned cynical lies, through which Bibilov becomes "successor" started its work". Trap for Bibilov looked like a maze with secret passages, from which Bibilov would never get out to "the second round; and if he goes into the second round, they make every effort for the win of the second candidate". That is Alla Dzhioeva.

How does the trap for Alla Dzhioeva work? The apparatus of the government of Kokoity provides Dzhioeva victory in order to deal with her in the Supreme Court of South Ossetia. According to Tasoev, Kolerov's people met with Dzhioeva in Tskhinval. Kolerov with associates was to warm the protest mood of Alla Dzhioeva and, if possible, to arrange her speech in Moscow, at Bolotnaya Square. "The fact of Dzhioeva's presence at a meeting of the forces opposite to the current government in Russia is desirable neither for the people of South Ossetia, nor for the Russian authorities", the article says. People see Dzhioeva surrounded by Nemtsov, Ryzhkov and so on. South Ossetian elections on March 25 turn into a farce as had been planned. The outcome: "In the final act Kokoity appears at the stage and appeals to Russia: "I and only I can bring order to my kingdom!" And after that, Kokoity would be recognized the only legitimate ruler of South Ossetia. Curtain falls, stormy applause.

Modest Kolerov, having read the article by Tasoev, said he would sue on the author for libel. According to him, the charges against him are lie and absurd. According to the chief editor of REGNUM, he could influence neither Dzhioeva nor Bibilov, since he never knew them. Author of scandalous material and the presidential candidate of South Ossetia Dmitry Tasoev said he didn't abandon his words. "All I've known, I wrote in this article, and I can comment nothing more. I've expressed my opinion and if someone wants to sue - that is his right. Let the competent authorities decide whether I'm guilty or not", "Echo of the Caucasus" quoted the leader of the Social Democratic Party of South Ossetia.

It is not so important whether Tasoev lied in his article or not. The most important thing is that they're talking about this presidential candidate of South Ossetia and that's beneficial for him. In an interview with GTimes, Yana Amelina, the head of Caucasian Studies at the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies (RISS), speaking of the Tasoev's article, said: "Everything that Tasoev has written in the article has no relation to real facts. It's just self-promotion before the election, and rather stupid self-promotion".

Black PR is PR too. In extreme conditions in South Ossetia, it works as good or even better than "white" PR. Pre-election situation in the republic is as follows: everyone who wants may run for presidency, even if has no chance. Kokoity, who actually controls South Ossetia, only encourages it. The purpose of this course is to prevent Alla Dzhioeva from the elections. Kokoity knows the outcome in advance.


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