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To Grozny for permanent residence

23.04.2012  |  14:45

Residents of different regions of Russia do not love in absentia the Chechen capital due to the huge costs of post-war reconstruction. But there are people in Chechnya who believe that modern Grozny is nastier than it was earlier, and even worse than the ruins of the 90s. GTimes reporter spoke to Asya Belova, a Russian lady, who had moved to Chechnya in 2003 for permanent residence, as it turned out.


"Many are pleased with the new Grozny. But I even can't look at it", poet Zulihan Magomadova wrote about the Chechen capital. And she has immediately found adherents, who also disliked the city which was rebuilt with the help of Ramzan Kadyrov and Allah, who is giving the money to the restoration of the republic according to the Chechen leader's recognition.

After all flattering words in address of the new Grozny, the criticism against it seemed implausible. And I've decided to call Tatiana Gladchenko who is working at the Grozny radio under the pen name Asya Belova.

Some residents of Chechnya regret the new look of Grozny. For them, even the ruins of the old and familiar city were better than the new city's splendor. What can you say?

Imagine that your home town was destroyed and rebuilt. Of course, not in the same way it was in your childhood. What feelings would you have? You will miss not the very city, but the recollections of a particular place in the city or a place you had fun with your family. All those who has moved and is now complaining that the city is not the same, and says: "Rename it as you want" - I think they are wrong and miss the memories of what Grozny was, to which they want return, because everyone wants to return to youth and childhood.

If you get an offer for a job in another place, would you agree?

I like it here, and not only my work. I do not have the most prestigious job with a great salary. I'm in the right place. I really thought a lot and weighed up the pros and cons. When you are 30, it's much harder to you to move than when you're 20. You have friends, you get accustomed to the traditions, and so on. My child is ok here. I like local customs, because my child does not see many bad things like outside of the Chechen Republic. We go on vacation to other places and I have something to compare. Manners here are stricter and more correct for the child. No one oppresses or degrades me; no one pokes me that I had a different faith.

Has anyone tried to convert you into Islam?

No. The Easter has passed recently; more than a thousand people arrived in Grozny. Judging on the organizing the holiday you could understood that a lot of attention is now being paid to the Orthodox Church. I wear a cross, my daughter wears a cross, and she is the only Russian child in the garden. No one has said anything to her about it.

And what is officials' attitude to the people?

Recently I went to the passport office. I needed to put a stamp in the passport, but I had to go there three times. First time I was told that I was to do something and to bring money. The second time they had no light. And in the third time I was served out of turn. But officials in Russia did not vary by region.

And your case - this is an exception? Or is there another Russians who feel comfortable here?

Well, Oleg Petukhov (deputy head of administration and the head of the Chechen government - Ed.) also lives here for nine years and feels good. Russian family from Moscow with the a half-year child has recently moved here. They have bought an apartment and they are going to live here. A woman from Moscow - Alevtina - also lives here and works on our TV-channel. And no one oppresses her.

There is in fact a program for the return of Russians to Chechnya. But whether Russians can live in these conditions? Local mentality is different.

You have to make some concessions in every society, to change yourself, even in the new working team. The man who has decided to move, decided to change his life, it would be easy to change.

And how do you spend your leisure time?

I go to the pool with my daughter, to the movies, to the park of Mother of Fame, there are rides for children. A lot of concerts are being held here. A little later I will send her to the dance group. I'm drawing and painting chopping boards.

It's in the capital. And what is people's occupation in rural areas?

We've recently went to Itum-Kalinsky district, to the mountain village. There's a beautiful nature. There's farm and garden. There's no time to have fun. I lived in the village till 17, and I think it must be so in the countryside.

And they say, the Chechens do not know how to work ...

They actually do. They grow kitchen gardens, build houses themselves. It is just a stereotype.


Svetlana Bolotnikova

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