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Domestic abuse in Kakheti

09.06.2012  |  16:27

Domestic abuse in Kakheti. 27353.jpeg

Problem of domestic abuse, unfortunately, exist in every country in the world. Georgia is no exception. Women and children are suffering from battering and humiliation of husbands. Fortunately, there are organizations helping disadvantaged wives. For example, the "National Network against Violence". Its head Nato Shavlakadze told us about what's going on behind the walls of some houses in Georgia.


"Everything was very nice, he was very attentive, careful, did not let even an oblique glance in my direction. But it was in the beginning ... We got married. I'm from the Caucasus and brought up in this law. But then he began to be jealous of me. Of course, it was not hard to find a reason - he was not my first man. And off it went ... He check all the phone numbers, I was forbidden to go out, he drove me to work and home, and only because he did not work and we needed money. I was forbidden to communicate with anyone. Mom and dad were bad because they were supposedly using me. He picked on every detail in order to beat me, especially if he had some problem.

He really enjoyed manhandling, though he said he was tired from this, but supposedly it was the only way through which I could understand him. He beat with anything that comes handy; he neat me in the face with his fist, and with a sling for 2 to 3 hours, with a few interruptions. He called this the procedures. And the next day he behaved as if nothing had happened, having fun, laughing, and God forbid, I will show displeasure, since it was my guilt".

This is one of the hundreds of stories of those women who have suffered domestic abuse. Georgia is no exception - there are families in which there is no inner peace, to put it mildly. This story ended in divorce - the salvation of a young woman who survived hell.

Domestic abuse in Kakheti. 27354.jpeg

In Georgia, there are many organizations dealing with domestic violence. Nato Shavlakadze heads one of them - the "National Network against Violence".

"Every fourth woman in Georgia is subjected to domestic violence", Shavlakadze told us. In her center for victims of domestic abuse, there is even a shelter for the victims of abuse - for women with children. Shelter in Tbilisi is designed for 10 people, in Akhaltsikhe - for 7 people.

Perhaps, earlier the situation in Georgia was relatively severe in terms of domestic abuse. In Georgia, there is a proverb: "Sun won't rise in Kakheti until a husband has beaten his wife". But according to Shavlakadze, the situation began to change.

"Georgia is no different from other countries in this issue. Only thing I can say, basing on surveys and studies conducted in Georgia, the largest percentage of victims of domestic violence accounts for Kakheti. Kakheti surpasses the rest of the region even in the degree of brutality, which is absolutely inexplicable for me. I cannot say that, for example, in Imereti or in Guria, there are much less of such cases, but society there is more close. And perhaps, in Kakheti, people realize that the violence is a huge threat, that it is not a norm", Shavlakadze said.

Domestic abuse in Kakheti. 27355.jpeg

It's very hard to stop domestic abuse. Even if after the next beating victim's face is a bloody mess.

"A man severely beat his wife in front of children. When she came to our center, we were horrified by what we saw. She had a bloody mess instead of her face. They lived in our the shelter for a long time, we made a costly operation of her son and daughter, individuals from international organizations helped us in this. Then we helped them to rent an apartment, gave some furniture. And after a while her 11-year-old daughter fled away, whose life has become unbearable: the constant beatings for minor infractions and being late. At the same time, she said, it was better to kill herself rather than return to the house. And then we hooked up a social worker, which is obligatory when the law violated in relation to the minors, and the police. You know, this woman did not want to leave her husband. And even the youngest children were terribly beaten. Only when we were talking about the separation of all children from the mother by the guardianship authorities, she decided to break off all relations with that man", the head of the organization "National Network against Violence" told us.

On the initiative of the organization there was adopted a law "On Fatherhood", closely related to the problem of domestic abuse, since many of the victims had illegitimate children.

Khatuna Mamniashvili

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