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"Georgia - anti-Russian terrorist nest"

22.06.2012  |  11:42

"Georgia - anti-Russian terrorist nest". 27452.jpeg

A former special envoy of the Chechen separatists in Georgia Khizri Aldamov told about the subversive anti-Russian projects that Saakashvili was preparing against Russia. The first: in Tbilisi, with the U.S. support, there was formed a "government of Ichkeria in exile". The second: with the help of this government Georgia is resuming the activities of the notorious terrorist organization Jamaat Pankisi. In fact, ministers in exile are former fighters and emirs of Gelayev and Astemirov. Aldamov himself had once been their accomplice. Now he asks Russia for forgiveness for his actions and wants to help it, trying his best.

June 14, in Grozny residence of Ramzan Kadyrov, a meeting of the head of Chechnya and 65-year-old Georgian Chechen Khizri Aldamov, a former functionary "of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria" in Georgia, took place. An elderly Chechen repented of his past actions and wanted to "spend the rest of days in Chechnya".

In 1994, Chechen President Dudayev appointed Aldamov his representative in Georgia. "I was the link between Georgia and Chechnya, the more that I speak Georgian language. That time, Chechnya and Georgia solved the problems of refugees. In 1996, I brought parliamentary delegation of Georgia to Grozny. After that, during the second phase of military operations in Chechnya, many Chechens moved to Georgia. President Eduard Shevardnadze accepted the militants and helped them. I want to say that in Georgia there had been created various terrorist groups, which did not disdain to use any means. Many terrorist acts in Russia, particularly in Chechnya, came from Georgia", the Chechen Aldamov told reporters at a conference in Grozny.

Life has led Aldamov to Russia. In conversations with journalists, the elderly Chechen began to share the Tbilisi's secrets about upcoming plans of the West in Russia's North Caucasus. Saakashvili is creating in Georgia a "government of Ichkeria in exile" in order to exert pressure through the Chechen Diasporas on Russia and to foment anti-Russian mood in the Caucasus. To this end, Saakashvili has already held several meetings with the former head of the Parliament of Ichkeria Akhyad Idigov. The Arab oil monarchies, in turn, invested in the work of Pankisi Jamaat and the very government in exile. Members of this government are former rebels of the notorious "Yarmuk Jamaat", associated with the names of Ruslan Gelayev and Anzor Astemirov. And, of course, Eduard Shevardnadze.

In a conversation with GTimes, a military expert Anatoly Tsyganok called both Saakashvili's projects a well forgotten old. "In September of 2001, the Georgian armed group, headed by the Special Representative of Shevardnadze Emzar Kvitsiani, ​​tried to capture Gulripsh area, uncontrolled by Abkhazia, through the Kodori Gorge. As everyone remembers, Georgia helped the Chechen rebels from the gang of Ruslan Gelayev in this gangster raid, and Tbilisi failed to refute this fact. In November of 2001, when the Russian General Prosecutor's Office demanded Georgia to extradite Gelayev, Tbilisi refused to do it. This was also not accidently.

As for the "government in exile", this project is as old as the world itself. During the World War II, in London there was operating the Polish government in exile led by Sikorsky, which actually impeded the Red Army and Polish Resistance in the liberation of Poland and spread anti-Soviet mood in Europe. Then the Britains themselves got tired of them. Such governments have always existed. Why Saakashvili wouldn't do the same in Georgia?"

In general, the figure of Aldamov must be treated with caution. It is possible that his remarks are personal revenge to Saakashvili. "If Aldamov would have felt good in Georgia under Saakashvili, he would certainly have continued to work in Georgia against Russia", the expert said.

Vladimir Zakharov, director of the Institute of Political and Social Research of the Black Sea-Caspian region. "Aldamov realized that Saakashvili wanted to eliminate him as a witness, so he decided to repent of his sins before Russia to save his life. But it is only a part of the problem. The West understands there is no place for Saakashvili in Georgia but there is no alternative. All Saakashvili's rivals, including Ivanishvili, in general, are opposed to Russia, but the West is confident in no one of them. As soon as the West decides, Saakashvili will be removed. Aldamov told about part of the problem. In general, the problem is that starting from the collapse of the Soviet Union Georgia became the anti-Russian terrorist nest. For Russia Shevardnadze was no better than Gamsakhurdia; and Saakashvili to Russia is a worse evil than Shevardnadze and Gamsakhurdia together. Saakashvili's successor will not be different".

Arthur Pryjmak

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