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Sunday, 20 May 2018


Zakharov: Sochi Olympics won't take place

26.06.2012  |  17:37

Zakharov: Sochi Olympics won't take place. 27490.jpeg

The "Circassian question" is inextricably linked to the Sochi Olympics, in which Russia has invested a lot of money. The whole country is working on the Olympic Games in 2014. Vladimir Zakharov, director of the Black Sea-Caspian region, has to say - many years of work were spent in vain. One of the main reasons is the defeat of Russia in the information war on the front of "Circassian question".


- Georgia, supported by the Jamestown Foundation, is now promoting very sore issue for the Caucasus - "Circassian genocide by Russia". In this regard, the USA and Georgia have markedly succeeded. Russia, unfortunately, has not developed its clear counter-propaganda. In their articles, our experts on the "Circassian question" show that they little understand in the Circassians. Our patriots-Caucasian experts are little informed and do not know the history of the problem.

- How can the official Tbilisi affect the Olympics? Not so long ago there was a talk of the Pankisi Jamaat and the government of Ichkeria in exile.

- It would be naive to believe that Saakashvili likes the Circassians. He's indifferent to them, just like to the Georgians. For the promotion of the "Circassian question" the Georgian president has got a billion dollars. But this is a detail. The bottom line is that the Olympics in Sochi, for which the Russian budget is now working, will not take place. Saakashvili will do everything possible for this, because he needs to work off this billion dollars. Georgia, as well as Turkey, will try its best and will stop at nothing. Pankisi Jamaat, about which Khizri Aldamov told, and the threat of terrorist attacks - this is only details of the picture. The attack on Russia will be implemented by the propagandists. The Georgians will take into account every defect, every gaffe our experts will say, and will turn it into their advantage. All of these decisions, meetings, conferences around the "Circassian question", go to the International Olympic Committee. Georgia calls Sochi the place of Circassian genocide; Western media use this epithet in regard of Sochi, therefore, everything relating to the Circassians, relates to the Sochi Olympics.

- In 1936, despite protests from the public, the IOC approved the Olympic Games in Nazi Germany. Before the Olympics in 1980, many countries called on the IOC to deprive Moscow of the title of the Olympic capital because of the hostilities in Afghanistan, but the Olympics-80 took place. Is the IOC dependent in making decisions?

- Hundreds of thousands of descendants of the Circassians-Mohajirs, who, as they write, "protest holding the Olympics in Sochi - the place of genocide of the Circassian people", send stacks of letters to the IOC. The IOC could not resist under such pressure. I have to announce: South Korea has already recieved the go-ahead for construction of Olympic venues. If Russia would have had everything ok in the IOC, this would not have happened.

- What facts Mikhail Saakashvili can use to achieve his goal?

- In the end, Saakashvili can use such a trump card that Sochi is a Georgian town, first occupied by the USSR and then by the Russian Federation. Some facts of history: after the collapse of the Russian Empire, the leaders of the so-called "Democratic Republic of Georgia" wanted to annex the Sochi district to Georgia. Jordania and the company announced that Sochi was part of the Georgian kingdom since the days of Queen Tamara. Tiflis, supported the British, unleashed the war for control over the Black Sea. For this the Georgian Democrats actually sold Georgia to the British. The Georgians' war for Sochi was accompanied by the genocide of Ossetians and Abkhazians who were considered the "fifth column" of Russia. The current democratic Georgia is the successor of the national-chauvinist state that is completely incapable of making independent decisions. The Constitution of Georgia of Saakashvili era - this is a corrected Georgian constitution of Jordania era.

Arthur Pryjmak

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