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Saakashvili has exerted influence upon Yushchenko's brain

28.06.2012  |  17:50

Saakashvili has exerted influence upon Yushchenko's brain. 27520.jpeg

A public kiss of Viktor Yushchenko and Mikheil Saakashvili became a symbol of brotherly love between "young democracies" of Georgia and Ukraine. In August 2008, the Ukrainian leader tightly shook the hand of Georgian president as a sign of support in the fight against the "Russian aggressors". Yushchenko's Ukraine was in the same place where Saakashvili's Georgia. What are the relations of these countries now, in 2012? Holder of the Georgian "Order of Honor", chief editor of "Kyiv Telegraf" Vladimir Skachko talked about this with GTimes.

- During the war in August 2008, Ukraine was one of the main allies of Georgia. Saakashvili and Yushchenko vowed to each other in friendship and brotherly love. How are relations between Tbilisi and Kiev after Yushchenko has left presidency and Tymoshenko has got in prison?

- This schizophrenic exponential "friendship" that existed between Saakashvili and Yushchenko, has disappeared. Presidents of Ukraine and Georgia not only vowed each other in love, but also publicly kissed passionately. All are aware that both presidents and their spouses made family visits, baptized each other's children, nephews, and so on.

This idiotic demonstration was to show sincere love of the "young democracies" of Ukraine and Georgia. This love grows and grows stronger under the nuclear "umbrella" of NATO and the paternal roof of the EU; Ukraine and Georgia feel good, and the idyll of love will last forever. As they say, to the envy of Moscow and in spite to deaths.

- What has replaced this demonstration of "love"?

- Ukrainian-Georgian relations have moved to a normal constructive direction. After Yushchenko's leaving I've personally met twice with Mikhail Saakashvili. It seemed to me that the cease of this idiotic spectacle has not disappointed him. When it was over, he breathed a sigh of relief. Once imposed from outside "friendship" with Yushchenko was over, he was finally able to look at the relations between Georgia and Ukraine only as a politician and the president of Georgia. Mikheil understands what he and his country need. At the same time, Yushchenko did not understand this at all.

Of course, that Mikheil Saakashvili has to work against Russia. As part of this commitment, and guided by his own antipathy to Russia, he exerted influence on un-inflamed brain of Viktor Yushchenko. I'm also confident in the following. If Ukraine were not so big and not there were not so much centers of making independent decisions, Yushchenko, influenced by Saakashvili's ideas, could easily draw Ukraine into any armed conflict with Russia.

- At the same time, as you say, Saakashvili is a serious politician who knows what Georgia needs.

- I just said that Saakashvili as a political leader seems more sane than Viktor Yushchenko in the same role. However, it does not change the fact: Saakashvili and Yushchenko are the two living symbol of Russophobia. Russophobia has united them. Russia was punching bag for both of them. The goal was simple: to show the world community and to prove to themselves that in fact they were tough guys.

- What was your impression of the Georgian president?

- As I said, after Yushchenko's leaving, Saakashvili breathed a sigh of relief. His complex of eternal love between Tbilisi and Kiev disappeared. As soon as Saakashvili saw that he was no longer in need to kiss passionately with Yushchenko, he was immediately healed from this complex. I can add from myself that during one of my visits, I became a Holder of the Georgian "Order of Honor". In Georgia, this is the highest award for foreigners. The fact that I am holder of this Order is strange for me. Personally, I feel hatred to the personality of Saakashvili, but he rewards me with the Order.

Arthur Pryjmak

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