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Whose enemy was Roland Chitayev?

11.07.2012  |  11:41

Whose enemy was Roland Chitayev?. 27627.jpeg

Last night, in Tskhinval, unidentified persons kidnapped the chief investigator of the Republic Roland Chitayev. This morning he was found dead in an abandoned village Uanat, not far from Tskhinval. Alleged cause of death - shot in the temple. Alleged kidnappers were soon found. GTimes correspondent conducted own investigation into the murder.


Who could be Chitayev's enemy? The answer lies in his biography. Chitayev was known in the republic in Soviet times as a high-class specialist in detecting crimes of economic nature. That was he who began to investigate into the misuse of Russian financial aid for recovery of the economy of South Ossetia. Residents of South Ossetia say: only be one person could bring these intricate cases to the logical conclusion - the head of investigation department of the Prosecutor General of the RSO Roland Chitayev. Now this man is dead.

Long and complicated history with Russian financial aid for the RSO is known rather well. Shortly after the war in August 2008, Russia allocated South Ossetia 43 billion rubles. As noticed by the Ossetians, this money could make every citizen of the Republic a millionaire. However, not ordinary citizens have become the millionaires, but the Republican leadership and the people close to them. The misuse was a two-sided. On the one hand, the then leadership of South Ossetia misused the funds, on the other - citizens of Russia. Back in 2008 the prosecutor's office stated that the misappropriation simply would not have taken place without the active participation of Russians. The money disappeared through unscrupulous contractors who have received orders for the construction of the infrastructure from the South Ossetian officials. The main link was a "South Direction" - an institution created in 2009 within the structure of the RF Ministry of Regional Development to work specifically in the republic. Locak prosecutor's office and president of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity also had complaints to this "South Direction".

Eduard Chitayev did not like much independence of the two top managers of "South Direction" - Ismagil Karimov and Ruslan Sharipov. Both top managers arrived in South Ossetia in 2009 from Chelyabinsk together with Vadim Brovtsev, their countryman. Later the two managers admitted to Russian media that Kokoity had put pressure on them from the earliest days. In August 2010, Sharipov told "Kommersant" how they had distributed 870 million rubles received from Russia in late December of 2009. "When I had got the money to the account I also started to get "friendly advices" from the presidential administration and the State Committee for restoration: do not hurry to distribute the money, we'll point the contractor whom you should give them. I've refused".

His colleague Ismagil Karimov told reporters no less remarkable details. According to him, approximately at the same time he fully settled with the contractors for the construction and December 27 went home for New Year holidays. Even not having got to Vladikavkaz, he started get the phone calls from South Ossetia. "I was told that Kokoity's people would blow up my plane and I would not reach home because I had wrongly distributed the money and had not listened to the opinion of leadership".

Soon, the prosecutor's office opened a criminal case against the Russians on charges of economic crimes. At that time prosecutor general of South Ossetia was Teimuraz Khugaev, a close friend and relative of Eduard Kokoity. From January 1, 2011, government institution lost South Ossetian contract.

It is hard to say where the money allocated for South Ossetia from the Russian budget have actually flowed. The most competent person in the unraveling of the tangle of corruption was Roland Chitayev. He was well aware of unscrupulous management style of Kokoity's clan since Taimuraz Khugaev was his immediate superior. Ex-prosecutor general of South Ossetia held in his hands shadowy threads of control over almost all processes in the country. Khugaev's subordinates knew about the dark side of their boss, because he had not concealed it, and even boasted of it. Investigators knew about everything, but kept silent because the "Phrang" - the personal guard of the first persons of South Ossetia, which consisted of people with criminal past, tied with Kokoity with mutual responsibility, stood behind him.

Once the power has changed in South Ossetia, the militants of the "Phrang" went into the shade. But that does not mean that they have found themselves out of business. According to GTimes source in South Ossetia, one of the alleged killers of Chitayev is explicitly connected to the "Phrang". "This man is a proud supporter of Kokoity, an expert on a particularly dirty business".


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