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Why Armenians don't want to live?

12.07.2012  |  15:09

Why Armenians don't want to live?. 27642.jpeg

Recently, Armenian media write about the cases of suicide, both in the capital and the regions, almost every day. One has jumped off the bridge, the other has hanged himself, and the third has cut his veins. These titles can be found in almost any newspaper or online publication in Armenia. Sociologists and psychologists, who are trying to uncover the reasons for such a painful social phenomenon, have intervened in the situation.


Most experts believe that the causes of suicide are very different, however, in their opinion, among them the socio-economic and psychological factors are the dominant. As noted in the science literature, the present stage of development of society is characterized by a sharp rise of social tension, which is accompanied by mental incandescence inside the person and the various forms of exclusion, which leads to an increase in the number of suicides.

"Describing in one sentence, suicide number increases when a person feels a loss of meaning in life, thinks it is senseless to continue to exist. In this situation, he prefers death to life", a psychologist Karine Nalchadyan says.

World and Armenian statistics

The number of suicides in Armenia, despite media reports, is not crisis and does not exceed international standards. A psychologist Suicidology Kamo Vardanyan said this at a press conference in Yerevan. According to him, number of suicides is growing all over the world. Every year on the planet, according to statistics, more than one million people commit suicide. "The number of suicide attempts is ten times more", the expert said.

According to the forecast of the World Health Organization, if current rates continue, by 2020 more than a half million people commit suicide. According to the same statistics, suicide tends to "rejuvenate". As noted by Vardanyan, if in 1959, 56% of suicides were aged 45 years, in 1995, 53% of suicides were younger than 44 years.

In Armenia, according to expert, during 2000-2005, 2396 people attempted suicide, 1241 of whom died. According to him, most of the suicides were unemployed. In 2009, 498 people in Armenia tried to commit suicide, in 2010 - 592 people, and in 2011 - 647. The upward trend, just like around the world, is obvious. "However, the rate of suicides in Armenia does not exceed international standards - 20 cases per 100,000 people. In Armenia, this number does not exceed 15 cases per 100,000 people", he said, adding that in some European countries this figure reaches forty.

According to statistics, most of all suicide attempts recorded in such areas of Armenia as Chirac (306 cases), Ararat (200 cases) and Lori (185 cases). Analysis of these data suggests that the suicide rate depends on the socio-economic situation of each particular region. It is rather low in the developed and rich areas, as well as in areas where traditions are strong enough.

According to experts, the men are more prone to suicide than women. The latter are more sociable and can communicate with "open heart" and tell about their problems. Men are more closed, they do not like to talk about their difficult psychological condition to others. Their feeling of loneliness and loss of meaning in life is stronger.

Causes of suicide

As in Armenia the spread of youth suicide has worldwide nature. There are a lot of reasons for this phenomenon. Among them - the anthropological, genetic, molecular, and psychological (loss of sense of life), a suicide expert Vardanyan said. According to him, at the time of a suicide, psychological portrait of the people is as follows: maladjustment, inability to navigate the problems of life, fear, perception of helplessness, distorted perception of reality, etc.

"It turns out that when a person is completely disappointed and decided to commit suicide, if at that time someone through outside influence persuades him not to take this step, he can completely abandon this idea. It is important so that the people around were able to understand and to feel the psyche of a close person who intends to commit suicide. A person who has decided to commit suicide, is sending small, hidden signals about it. For example, from time to time he may repeat that he is tired of life, no longer wants to live, and so on", psychologist Karine Nalchadyan says.

She says the main causes of suicide, including in Armenia, are difficult socio-economic status and psychological state of a person. A person cannot feed his family, feels unnecessary. But besides this there is a psychological component, which is the stress, severe depression, and so on. Suicides often occur due to domestic violence, due to family quarrels.

Arshaluys Mgdesyan

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