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Monday, 23 April 2018


False flags in Syrian Kurdistan

26.07.2012  |  16:40

False flags in Syrian Kurdistan. 27778.jpeg

Flags of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) on government buildings in several parts of Kurdish Syria were replaced by the flag of Kurdistan. Sunny tricolor was hoisted over the cities of Afrin, Cobán, Amud and Al Ain. Entrances and exits to these areas are protected by the Kurdish militia, and local activists demand autonomy. What does this mean? GTimes correspondent spoke with an expert Orientalist Ahmed Koshevoi on this occasion.


-Kim Akhmedovich, why the government buildings in the Kurdish areas of Syria are decorated with Kurdish national flags?

- This is most likely a provocation. The U.S. and the UK have been long closely watching the Kurds in the Middle East. Elites of these countries benefit from the entropy in the region. In Syria now there is happening what the Arabs call "le habot", that is madness. The British and the Americans say about this "fish in troubled waters". The Kurdish flags in Afrin and Qamishli may be followed by another bloodshed. After that, the Senate of the U.S. Congress allocates millions of dollars, the money get stolen, and no one else remembers about the Kurds of Syria. It is possible that some of the money can be offered to someone from the Syrian Kurds, Arabs, even the Iranians. Bribed Arabs, Kurds and Iranians will sing in unison abou the mass deaths of Kurds in Syria, and the politicians in Washington, London and Paris will fill their pockets. They all do not concern over real problems of Syrian Kurds.

- How do you assess the position of the Kurds of Syria towards the crisis in Syria?

- Syrian Kurds from the beginning of the war remained neutral, and then Bashar Assad managed to conclude alliance with them. The Kurdish flag at a government building is a sign that the Kurds now are in opposition to Damascus. This was followed by retaliatory repression by the "Mukhabarat" and a new blood bath, which can then spread throughout the Middle East. Ordinary Syrian Kurds perfectly see who is fighting whom in Syria. Government troops are firing not at opposition activists but at thugs arrived from Afghanistan, Syria, Jordan, Kosovo. None of real Syrian oppositionist would hide behind women and children and shoot, as the Nazis did. Only a bandit could do this. The Kurds of Syria, with all their old accounts to Assad, would have never done this. Moreover, almost all Kurds sympathize with the PKK. I believe that the Kurds in this plan are not quite right. I personally dislike the PKK.

- You mean the Kurds should not deceive themselves about the PKK. Why not?

- If I've would have personally seen Ocalan, I would have told him that he is a fool. All this fuss around the Kurdish people and around his name attracts attention, but not much money. When I spoke with the Kurds, I asked them about the past of Mustafa Barzani, the father of the president of Southern Kurdistan, and what was his end? His start was good: armed struggle for the freedom of the Kurdish people, the Mahabad Republic, meeting with Soviet leaders in Moscow, the title of national hero of Kurdistan ... Everything ends with a bed in the American hospital. My Kurdish interlocutors, among which the niece of Mustafa Barzani, do not know what to say.

While being in Erbil, Baghdad, Afrin, I told the Kurdishs - if you take up arms, you've just played into Americans' hand. Those will allocate money to destroy your nation and Kurdistan will turn into a meat grinder.

Money is everything in the big Western politics. In peacekeeping operations in Iraq a decade ago the U.S. Senate appropriated billions of dollars. All these ten years the money played in the banks, while Iraq cannot even speak about peace. The same is now in Libya. Financing Democracy in Libya is similar scam like democracy in Iraq. They intend to do in Syria something like that; so this is the purpose of the Kurdish national symbols. In practice of intelligence services this is called false flag", the expert concluded.

Arthur Pryjmak

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