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Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Manipulators toying with people’s lives

24.02.2009  |  09:45

7/4/3/1743.jpegRussian "Vedomosti" published a series of three articles by George Soros, a well-known American financier who sponsored color revolutions in the post-Soviet space. The second article "An Alternative to Geopolitics: the Russian Problem" made Russian and Georgian experts, analysts and journalists put pen to paper.


In his article the American "philanthropist" expresses his concern over Russia's "geopolitical advantages" and proposes that Europe "neutralize" them by way of a supranational regulator. In the context of Russia "neutralization" program the author did not forget about Georgia: "We must help Georgia overcome the consequences of the Russian invasion." However Soros makes a reservation: "Aid to Georgia will depend on the Saakashvili regime's willingness to observe Open Society principles."

The words about assistance to Tbilisi were taken as balm for the soul ignoring the reservation. Kommersant radio (Georgia) presented enthusiastic comments of official Georgian experts. David Darchiashvili, the European Integration Committee Chairman and ex head of Soros Foundation in Georgia inter alia stated: "The most important part of Soros's latest statement is mobilization of world community minds in favor of Georgia".

Independent experts too were quite enthusiasticс about Soros's desire to provide financial aid to Georgia. According to Soso Tsishkarishvili this is Soros's strategic vision and it is quite acceptable. "Soros's intention to unite Europe for it to have its own energy resources and not depend on Russia quite explicitly shows his acute sense of civic responsibility. If Soros makes fun of Russian ruble it will be a response to Russia for the actions against Georgia", - he summed up.

However, Tbilisi was more agitated by another Soros's "revelation": "Until energy prices start going up and Russian economy starts to recover, it might lead to Russia's new military adventures abroad and repression at home", - Soros foretells. The new prophet does not specify who the target of the adventures is. However Georgian media made their own specification of the prophet's idea: "Soros warns of Russia's possible attack on Georgia".

Tbilisian establishment immediately snatched their pet subject. "Georgian politicians consider George Soros's version of Russia's repeated adventure real", - Georgi Targamadze, the leader of oppositional Christian Democrats told Trend IA. And Security Council Secretary Eka Tkeshelashvili even called on the international community "to put pressure on Russia to prevent any adventures against Georgia".

Unconsciously here comes a question: are people in Tbilisi really so sure of the cynical financier's great and generous love for their small country? Did they read Soros's articles through or they just picked out certain quotations? For Soros does not confess his love for Georgia, he doesn't love Russia. Georgia is just a tiny detail of his program of Russia "neutralization". Does Georgia need to participate in the dislike-of-neighbor program?

I spent five days of war in Tbilisi - it was frightful... Now everybody has their own name of the war. Moscow calls it "peace enforcement operation". Tbilisi - "Russian aggression against Georgia". But who will answer the question my daughter asked me: "Why did Georgian soldiers attack Ossetians with submachine guns in their hands and why did Russian militaries shell us (a bomb fell near our house).

It seems that my question - why are there war talks again? - will sound rhetorical. Probably it is Soros who foretells it, like a crisis. Because the war will help to "neutralize" Russia and drag Europe out of the crisis?

By the way hardly did the firing and shelling in hot August subside when rumors of a new war started spreading all over Tbilisi. First it was November, then even the precise date was mentioned - December 25, then the date was postponed till December 31 presuming that Russians would do the same they did to Chechens in 1995. Now there is Soros foretelling it - without any date this time.

Why not Georgian authorities together with Soros who is so tenderly in love with Georgia come forward not with discredit and "neutralization" of Russia, but with prevention of any power actions plan for Georgians?

Irina Ptashkovskaya

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