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Friday, 22 June 2018


Ukraine vs. Russia. Place of action: Tskhinval

09.08.2012  |  18:51

Russian Investigations Committee has published very interesting facts, connected with the participation of Ukrainian nationalists in the August 2008 war. When Russian troops entered Gori district the Ukrainians helped Georgians to create the image of "Russian monster" for the Western media. They dressed the uniform of the RF Armed Forces and posed before the cameras of journalists in the guise of looters and rapists. These shots have become world-wide popular. Now, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry behaves exactly same way as four years ago, denying not only the staging of the change of clothes, but also the participation of Ukrainians in the war of 08.08.08.


Today it is known that in 2008, Western TV-channels did not dare to send their journalists to the Caucasus. Information blocks were made in Moscow representative offices, and pictures depicting "the atrocities" were being sent from Georgia. Georgians fabricated them right on the spot, making theatrical staging. The main actors often were mercenaries from Ukraine and the Baltic States. One part of the actors was dressed in the Russian uniform, the other - in the uniform of the Georgian military or civilians. Several gestures, a couple of Russian obscene oaths, well-rehearsed moaning of the "victims" - and the hot material is ready. The Georgian "Amateur" enjoyed huge success among the Western people.

Investigation of the RF IC lasted almost four years. During this time Russian investigators questioned several thousands of witnesses, conducted more than 600 on-site examinations. The conclusions were obvious. After the spokesperson of the RF IC Vladimir Markin stated the results would be sent to the International Criminal Court, Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine stated that Markin "is not authorized to make such loud statements in the address of Ukrainian citizens". Moreover, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry states that no Ukrainians took part in the war of 08.08.08.

Four years ago Ukrainian foreign Ministry categorically refuted the facts of participation in the August war. The another matter, it was "orange" that time. Why does the current, "not orange" Ministry do the same? Vladimir Skachko, editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Kievsky Telegraph", expressed his opinion on this occasion to the GTimes correspondent.

"Viktor Yanukovych's surroundings consisted of the "orange" fanatics for 80 %. Current holders of diplomatic passports of Ukraine swore allegiance to Viktor Yushchenko and do not break their oaths. The country is in captivity if not of the doctrines, but of the doctrinaires. These doctrinaires sit in the power and ignore the orders of the President of Ukraine. They are covering the mercenaries from the UNA-UNSO and "Freedom" and their actions in South Ossetia during the war. If the trick with a denial of participating in the war fails, Foreign Ministry of Ukraine calls the Ukrainians the peacekeepers, working, just for the tourists... I'm not talking about the nationalists. They are ill people. For the money they will fight against the "Muscovites" even in Antarctica, not just in the Caucasus.

Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, the official body protecting the interests of the country in the international arena, cannot confirm the fact of presence of Ukrainian mercenaries in South Ossetia in August 2008. To put it mildly, Europe now doesn't appreciate the Ukrainian state, and here the Ukrainian mercenaries in the Caucasus... For this reason, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry says the same as the "orange" Foreign Minister four years ago. The more that 80 % of employees of the current Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs are old Viktor Yushchenko's allies. The one who stood at the head of the "orange revolution" in 2004, now is working in the bodies of the Ukrainian authorities, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is the cause of this frantic and wild "European integration of Ukraine".

Of course, if the Russians have found the Ukrainians in South Ossetia four years ago, this means that the Ukrainians have been there. Because Yushchenko wanted to show his transparency in the war 08.08.08, to show Saakashvili support and friendship. He was ready to substitute him shoulder, and the pot... And how many missile systems Yushchenko removed from combat duty in Ukraine, and then handed over Georgia? In addition to the missiles Ukraine supplied Georgia with military advisors and missiles specialists. All these facts simply shout that in 2008 Ukrainians were at the first in Georgia, and then in South Ossetia. It's strange to deny this, but the Foreign Ministry is obliged to do this as an official institution. Thus it makes a good mine at bad game".


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