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Ruslan Gereev: Dagestan is drowning in blood

21.08.2012  |  11:24

Ruslan Gereev: Dagestan is drowning in blood. 28000.jpeg

Last Saturday evening, masked men fired at the believer in the mosque in the Dagestani town of Khasavyurt. On August 19, on Sunday, a terrorist attack took place in Ingushetia. At the cemetery of the village of Sagopshi, during the funeral of police inspector Ilez Korigov, an explosion thundered in a crowd of local residents. Terrorist attack claimed the lives of seven people. Ruslan Gereev, Director of the Center for Islamic Studies of the North Caucasus, called Ramadan of 2012 "bloody Ramadan". He also shared his version of the tragic events of the weekend.

- Let's start with Saturday's firing at the worshipers in the mosque in Khasavyurt. What do you think about this?

- Some of the media wanted to present the firing as the Sunnis' aggression against the Shiites. In fact it is not true. In the mosque on the Magidova St., there were praying not only the Shiites, but the Sunnis too. This is normally here. As for the very firing, similar incidents had previously occurred in other areas of the country and concerned all Muslims without exception. I will say that Ramadan in 2012, compared to previous years and months, was the bloodiest for Dagestan.

- Why exactly this year Ramadan became bloody for the North Caucasus?

- We see no preventive measures among the youth on the part of the federal agencies. There are no activities intended to eradicate the ideology of hatred and violence. In the media, the officials focus on the "anti-terrorist struggle". And no one knows what these anti-terrorist measures are. Five or six years ago, the leading agencies of Dagestan led propaganda in the regions, talked to the believers about their rights in the federal legislation. Now social networks have captured the minds of young Dagestanis. And there - the sheer superiority of Salafi ideology.

In the North Caucasus Salafism has acquired a wild look, just not the same as in the Persian Gulf. Let's start with the fact that violence and killing of innocent people was not characteristic feature of the dogmatic Salafism. And in our region, different criminal gangs and bands, involved in extortion and other criminals, are gathering under the slogans of "pure Islam". All this gives the North Caucasus bloody color.

- What can you say about the terrorist attack in Ingushetia?

- Firing at the believers in the mosque in Khasavyurt and bloody attack on a cemetery in Sagopshi are the phenomenons of the same order. Such actions usually occur on the eve of the mass events. Now they started to shoot and kill on the eve of Eid al-Adha. None of sane people is capable for this. A believer - even more so.

- Was there any consequence?

- The problem of the official investigation is that it is looking for the roots in the criminal underground, while knowing very little about it. As a result, the investigation gets entangled and reveals nothing. Terrorists, seeing this, are continuing to commit bloody crimes. Personally, I do not remember a single case of a successful disclosure of the terrorist attack in the North Caucasus. Some investigators try to quickly rid themselves of such cases. They often lay the blame at a certain militant killed during operation. They say he killed, carried out terrorist attacks, kidnapped people; nothing really can prove it, so they acknowledge their impotence.

- On the case of the attack on the cemetery there was detained a certain Arthur Gatagazhev, who was earlier this year arrested for terrorism.

- As for Arthur Gatagazhev, I do not know if he is guilty or not. I believe he will deny everything, just like his relatives. We must not catch these Gatagazhevs or Aldievs one at a time, we must do another thing. Pay attention to the fact that in Russia there is no trial in which would have condemned at least one specific terrorist under the law of the Russian Federation! There are many convicted of terrorism. But they're not the queens but the pawns, and even random people. One brought a bag somewhere, another took a taxi, the third was a taxi driver, and fourth was standing aside ...

- It turns out that the reason is in the investigation?

- The investigation of all killings and bombings in the North Caucasus is poor. The region has a huge cluster of different investigative bodies. We do not see much success from this concentration, but we see the deterioration of the quality of the investigation. These investigators and law enforcement officers only hinder each other. More and more killings and terrorist attacks take place in the region. This is, unfortunately, the face of Dagestan. The region is drowning in blood. There is no economic enlightenment; the younger generation has nothing to do. Unemployment is rampant; at the same time there's no qualified religious education. For us - this is a great misfortune.


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