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"Tkachyov's Syndrome" has reached Kaluga

22.08.2012  |  12:42

"Russia dominates in such sports, where most of the Caucasian peoples dominate. I won't support freestyle wrestling". These words were spoken by the Kaluga Governor Anatoly Artamonov, when the government of the Kaluga region discussed the closing of a youth sports school "Energy". According to the governor, the school is turning from the temple of sport into a hotbed of crime, which obviously has Caucasian face.


Sports school "Energy" was established in 1976. This is one of the few places in Kaluga, where children and adolescents can still indulge in the sports for free. As often happens, the school has no gym and has to rent it from the public corporation "Kaluga Electromechanical Plant" (KEMZ).

In the summer of 2012, the management of the KEMZ decided to rent out its facilities for the needs of the investor company - a network of commercial fitness clubs "Sportland". The contract promised to give the plant and the fitness club a mutual benefit, and the transaction took place. CEO KEMZ Boris Movtyan gave the "Sportland" the gyms which earlier were the bath, dressing room and games room of the "Energy." Regenerating games and water treatment are integral part of the professional training of wrestlers, but Movtyan consider them superfluous.

"After the renovation and opening of the fitness club we got only a third of the used areas - wrestling room. Dressing rooms were reduced by half. There's no opportunity to attend a bath. System of training, which was debugged during many years collapses. In September classes at the school may not start because an investor is carrying out capital repairs of the building", the head coach of the "Energy" Dmitry Martyshenko told the GTimes.

Coaches wishing to defend the school have appealed to almost all the Kaluga bodies. The last was the office of the governor. Situation with sports schools was discussed at the planning meeting with the regional head on July 20. Having heard the report of the vice-governor, the governor Anatoly Artamonov said: "Only Russia is dominating in such sports, in which most of the Caucasian peoples dominate. I won't support freestyle wrestling". The regional head was especially angered by the readiness of the coaches and their pupils to stand in a cordon around the native sports school. "Formerly the wrestling was banned sport. Let them play volleyball, basketball; the governor would support them. The public is very aggressive. And if they stand in the cordon - they get", the governor said.

Kaluga wrestlers have long considered the governor Artamonov an ideological hater of power sports. We also know about Artamonov that he does not like the natives of the Caucasus. The concepts of "Caucasus", "freestyle wrestling" and "crime" are identical for Artamonov, and he's not going to give up his principles.

The governor is somehow convinced that wrestling was banned in the Soviet Union. His words caused resentment among the leading Russian trainers. President of the Russian Wrestling Federation, the legendary wrestler Michael Mamiashvili says "it's hard to comment these words without the attending of a psychiatrist". Michael Mamiashvili has described physical health of young Kaluga residents, especially of military age, as horrific, since the regional authorities do not let the children and adolescents to play sports.

"When I studied the situation with juvenile delinquency and neglect in Kaluga, I have revealed a simple pattern: the curve of crime grows when a child or a teenager has no place to realize himself. Number of available sections and circles is decreasing every year", a member of the Public Chamber and international expert on child abandonment Alexander Gezalov told GTimes. "Sport school "Energy" was carrying out a noble mission - taking the crime away from streets. Most of its pupils are the children from poor families, who have more difficulties to realize themselves in life. The blame is not on the enterprise-tenant since the Russian business lives by the cruel laws. The blame is on the city and region authorities. The governor could negotiate with the KEMZ management and buy part of the plant to in order to pass it to the sports school. But Mr. Governor seems not to need youth sports, since he chooses to blame the wrestling, boxing and the Caucasians", Gezalov says.

"Artamonov is extremely unpopular figure in the region. He has a Mitsubishi using ecological fuels and a villa in Italy, while the majority of his countrymen can barely make ends meet. But, you see, all blame in Kaluga is on the Caucasians involved in the aggressive sports. As a master the sport of boxing, I can say: only an idiot could have said this. Professional boxer, wrestler and karate master would not have used his strength and skills against a weak man. To blame the Caucasians - this is a disease called "Tkachyov's syndrome", the expert concluded.


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