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Moscow's no authority for Tkachyov

23.08.2012  |  11:52

Moscow's no authority for Tkachyov. 28023.jpeg

Krasnodar Krai Administration has submitted the draft law "On the state language" to public hearings. Adyghe language, mentioned in the text as "a symbol of statehood" of Kuban, is named the official language region. Along with the Russian, it may soon be used to publish the laws, conduct official correspondence in the Krasnodar region and so on. GTimes undertook an independent legal review of the new law of the Kuban.


The use of any national language in the Russian Federation as the second state language is clearly prescribed in the Constitution and federal laws. The law states that the use of the national language of the people of Russia as a state language is possible only within certain limits. Under the Constitution of the Russian Federation, autonomous republics (Tatarstan, Chechnya) can make the Tatar and Chechen languages the second official language on a par with the Russian. This language is used to publish the laws, as well as for the office work. In some schools of Tatarstan there are hours of the local language and literature, mandatory for everyone. Autonomous regions and areas (Chukotka, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Region) do not have the right to set their own languages under the

Constitution, but the statutes of the RF subjects can set a restricted status for the Chukchi and Nenets languages. The other subjects of the Russian Federation - federal cities, regions and areas - are using a national language as the second official only when necessary and only in areas of compact residing of a national group.

As we can see, a "parallel" legitimizing of a language of a people of the Russian Federation has clearly outlined boundaries. The Kuban language law is pretty muddled. Either the author of the "civil initiative" did not know about such a concept as "frontier applications", or the federal law is not authority for a free Cossack. It is possible that the author was Tkachyov. Alexander Tkachyov has long accustomed to measure Kuban with the measures of the chieftains-independence supporters during the Civil War, who considered this territory an independent state, recognized by the major powers of the world.

Circassian expert Kanshobi Azhahov believes the media is misreading the new initiative. "Adyghe language ​​will be used as the second state not everywhere, but only in areas of compact residing of the Circassians. In the future the legislation will be further amended", Kanshobi Azhahov, president of the International Circassian Association told GTimes. "Even in the republics the national languages ​​are not applicable everywhere, although the Constitution of the Russian Federation and local laws declare them the national languages. I would suggest those who have questions about this bill to read the law on the status of the Russian language, which has recently been adopted in Ukraine. I see the attitude of Russia and Russians to this law, and compare it with the attitude to the law on the status of the Circassian language in the Krasnodar Krai. These attitudes are quite different, despite the fact that the Circassians - this is the indigenous population of the Krasnodar Territory and they are entitled to legal protection of their own language and their own culture", the expert said.

Doctor of Laws Ruslan Khasbulatov, former chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, gave the legal assessment of the Kuban lawmaking. "This is a blatant violation of federal and state laws and an unconstitutional act. According to the Russian law, the Circassian language may be the second state language after the Russian, but only in the Republic of Adygea. Krasnodar has nothing to do with Adygea, therefore, the official use of the Circassian language there can be used in a last resort cases, and only in areas where the Circassians live. After Tkachyov's bill, the Circassian language will be everywhere in the Krai: in representative government, the governor's administration and local government.

Having managed to submit an unconstitutional law to the public hearing, Tkachyov has once again reiterated that Moscow is no authority for him. As for his motives, it is hard to speak about them. He is extremely unstable person, and most importantly, he is not very literate. First, he says one thing, then another, and most importantly, he even does not look at what he says. For no apparent reason, he spoke about the Cossacks as a separate people of Russia, having provided the Cossack police much more authority than law enforcement agencies of the RF have. This nonsense even questions the legal capacity of this person. Maybe he was just tossing in matters which he had confused. And above all, his own verbal incontinence has confused him".


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