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Woman's happiness for Georgian women - in Turkey?

24.08.2012  |  12:03

Woman's happiness for Georgian women - in Turkey?. 28041.jpeg

The number of Georgian women who are leaving for Turkey to find job is growing exponentially. And since the demand creates supply, the number of so-called offices that are responsible for "organization of labor abroad" is growing by leaps and bounds. It is considered that the most attractive places for employment are such resort towns like Antalya, Bodrum and Marmaris. But the job they receive there is mostly temporary, seasonal. And it is mainly suitable for students who want to earn extra money during the holidays. But for the long-term job seekers the megacities are most suitable. But whether this work brings the happiness that the Georgian women are seeking in Turkey?

Olga is one of those women who have worked in Mersin during three months. We met her in Ankara when she got into the bus to Tbilisi. Olga lives in Kutaisi. She has two daughters. She's native of the Stavropol Territory. Her father, the military, having been appointed to Georgia, moved to Imereti. Olga was 2 years that time. Now she is 50.

- Olga, why did you leave Kutaisi? Were you out of work?

- No, I worked as a barmaid. I earned about 400 GEL. Then I got tired of everything. I decided to go there to see how they live.

- How did you first get to Turkey?

- It's clear through the "opis".

- Excuse me, through what?

- Well, these offices, we call them "opis".

- This is probably the offices?

- Yes, that's right.

- And the other women also get over the border this way? What attracts them there?

- What should they do? Basically those who have loans and debts to the bank go there. And many do not return in fact. They find someone and stay there.

- You mean a specific category of women; but there are others who need to earn money for daily bread, for the children.

- That's true. And you come there, look at everything and forget why you had come.

- Olga, what were you doing in Mersin?

- I worked in a family of a 81-year-old man, I took care after his sick wife. She underwent four operations. But he loves her very much.

- Were you treated well?

- No. I was hungry all the time.

- They did not feed you?

- They did. But their cuisine is so unusual; and as soon as you sit down at the table, they look into your mouth, so that it was even hard to eat. I recently eat half a kilo of nuts, then I found out they cost 40 liras. I can imagine what they went through.

- Do you mean they are greedy?

- Not greedy. Living there is rather expensive. My master, for example, worked as a pharmacist up to 60 years, worked hard, then opened his own pharmacy. Now, when he is 80, he has a network of pharmacies. Only now his pharmacy business started bringing good money. They are not used to squander money, they know the price of each lira.

- Were you well paid?

- Approximately $ 500. In principle, this is common summ. A little more, a little less. Well, my job is not very complicated. But there was one thing we could not agree with him. He wanted me to entertain them for this money.

- What do you mean, Olga?

- Well, his daughter told me that prior to me there worked one Georgian woman. She sang songs to them, danced while bringing the food, invented all sorts of games - just entertained them as she could. They are old people, they are probably bored. And I am a different person by nature. I'll do any hard work, I'm not hard, but I cannot make a show.

- But in a whole, are you satisfied with their attitude to you?

- Yes. But sometimes my master watched after me. He wanted to know what I was doing in his absence. They're all incredulous, they examine you at first. God forbid, get caught on something. But I read a book or a newspaper, if there was nothing to do.

- How long did you work for them? Do you think you will return in Turkey?

- I worked for three months and I'll never come back here.

- Olga, what have you got from these three months, except the money?

- I have seen so much - enough for a lifetime. I do not need a lot of money, as it turns out. You need so much money, you can handle with. A surfeit corrupts. Look at these women. Now they come back to the province and act like important people. They wear T-shirts and shorts two sizes smaller, smoke and think that now they are different from the local. God knows what is going on, Olga finished her story.

But my other respondent Tsira from Zugdidi, is very happy with her job. She works in Izmir the third year. She's looking after a child who calls her second mother and gets greatly offended every time she goes to see her relatives in Mingrelia.

Maya, a 67-year-old native of Imereti, is the oldest in the bus. She cried all the way to Sarpi. A soon as we crossed the border, she amused everyone with her stories and jokes all the way to Kutaisi. She will never return to Samsun, where she worked for only 1 month, performing all the hard work. Maya is very tired. Only in a foreign country she realized for the first time that old age creeps up. By the way, as soon as we entered the country, she seemed to have forgotten about the age.


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