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Saturday, 21 April 2018


Turkey covets Nagorno-Karabakh?

28.08.2012  |  14:46

Turkey covets Nagorno-Karabakh?. 28076.jpeg

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu wishes the future negotiations of the OSCE Minsk Group on Nagorno-Karabakh to be held in Istanbul. Davutoglu's initiative was supported by the Turkish parliament deputies. Nedzhedet Unyuvar, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Friendship with Azerbaijan, said: "Turkey has always defended justice. We want to bring peace in the region". Under the OSCE regulations, only Baku, Yerevan and Stepanakert can lead the negotiations on Karabakh, and Ankara is well aware of it. Why Turkey decided to act in spite to the OSCE?

Ruben Zargaryan, Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

"Formal negotiations on Nagorno-Karabakh are being held in the traditional for the OSCE Minsk Group format, that is "Nagorno-Karabakh-Azerbaijan-Armenia". This is the best format for the negotiations. As for Turkey, it is unlikely to exert any effective influence on the negotiation process, since Ankara until recently manifested itself not as a mediator, but as an active member of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, acting on Azerbaijani side.

Turkey has long wanted to participate in the negotiation process on Nagorno-Karabakh, but fails to do this, because in this case the normal course of the negotiations would be immediately disturbed, since it would change the traditional format of the negotiation process. On the other hand, in recent years there have appeared many articles of the Turkish political scientists, stating that Azerbaijan would never be able to capture Nagorno-Karabakh, that official Baku should give up any claim to Karabakh and so on. In the articles, the political analysts also say that for Turkey strategic cooperation with Armenia is most profitable. In this regard, the Turkish side has repeatedly called for international recognition of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic".

Stanislav Tarasov, Russian expert on international affairs, historian and publicist.

"Ahmet Davutoglu's initiative on Karabakh is linked to a specific political situation, which has very indirect relation to Karabakh. This situation is the aggravation of the "Arab Spring". Known process in the Arab world has led to the fact that most of the important issues of the Middle East and the Caucasus are now being discussed in the Turkish context.

The issues of recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the Kurdish question have long put Ankara in an awkward position at the international arena. The events of the "Arab Spring", in which Turkey is a direct participant of international intrigue, have made Erdogan's regime an international "scapegoat". Unfortunately for Erdogan, the course of the "Arab Spring" in Syria is developing not in accordance with Ankara's plans. I think that Turkey wants to speed up the issue at all costs and achieve military intervention in Syria in the near future. To achieve this, Erdogan need to do two things: to probe Moscow and to build bridges to Yerevan.

In my view, Ankara now needs to learn the outcome of Baku talks between Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin and President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. The further Turkey's steps in relation to the Armenians will depend on this. It is important to note that Armenia has not ruled out Turkey's proposal to make Istanbul a negotiating platform on Karabakh. Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister Sharvash Kocharyan has recently stated that if the Turkish Foreign Ministry, represented by Davutoglu, really wanted to contribute to the settlement of the conflict, Turkey would have been able to force Azerbaijan to negotiate with Nagorno-Karabakh.

Turkey's mediation mission is also linked to Ilham Aliyev's uncertainty in further Azerbaijan's geopolitical orientation. Apparently, Aliyev started seriously think that his country needed to "switch over" to integration in EurAsEC. At the same time, he was interested in the Turkey's favour, since he wants to save the position of his clan. Turkey missed the moment in 1993, having made stake on Elchibey; and Ankara does not want to repeat the same mistake in the future. If Aliyev receives the support from Moscow, Ankara supports Aliyev".


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