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Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Saakashvili bleeds "Pankisi Jamaat"?

04.09.2012  |  11:00

Saakashvili bleeds "Pankisi Jamaat"?. 28147.jpeg

Militants, eliminated by Georgian special services in a special operation were buried in the village of Duisi, Kakheti. During the funeral, the residents of Duisi recognized in "Dagestani militants" two of their fellow villagers. Georgian Interior Ministry, which on the eve categorically denied "Georgian trace", immediately took words back and released the full information about the identity of those killed. Among them - two citizens of Georgia and five natives of Chechnya. Almost all Chechen militants previously had some ties with Pankisi through local Chechens. The expert community has immediately remembered "Pankisi Jamaat", mentioned this summer by the notorious Khizri Aldamov.

After the villagers of Duisi identified several fellow villagers among the eliminated militants, Interior Ministry has decided to replay the situation. In yesterday's statement the Interior Ministry disclosed the data of all those killed, who previously were called "Russian citizens" and "residents of Dagestan".

According to the report of the Georgian Interior Ministry, the Georgian special services eliminated in Kakheti two Georgians and five Russians. The killed Georgians, 22-year-old Aslan Margoshvili and 26-year-old Bagautdin Kavtarashvili, were residents of Kakheti villages. Contrary to previous statements by the Georgian side, though other saboteurs were Russians, but they had nothing to do with Dagestan. For example, 44-year-old Dukvakha Doshuyev, 20-year-old Salam Zaurbekov and 31-year-old Musa Aduev were natives of Chechnya. 23-year-old Dzhabrail Khashiyev was Ingush. Another killed, 26-year-old Bagauddin Bagakashvili, was born and lived in Chechnya, but he had relatives in the Pankisi Gorge, so he occasionally visited Georgia. Others, apparently, were also somehow connected to Georgia via Pankisi Gorge.

Who the killed militants actually were? There are many different versions. One of them is associated with "Pankisi Jamaat", created by Saakashvili - this is the legal successor of the notorious "Yarmuk Jamaat". This version was sounded to GTimes by Georgian journalist and emigrant Levan Gudadze. "The fact that Wahhabi groups concentrate in the Pankisi - this is not a secret, this has happened under Shevardnadze. Saakashvili and his security forces have improved relationships with these groups. According to my information, Wahhabi groups are actually holding the Pankisi under control, and Saakashvili's regime relies on them here. For several years we get information that in the Pankisi Gorge there were created some training camps, where North Caucasian volunteers undergo commando training, and then they are sent to the North Caucasus. Unfortunately, we have no actual evidence of this. Saakashvili has clearly decided to sacrifice the former allies for success in the election, so he "betrayed" his allies. We can already hear the threats against Saakashvili and his entourage from the Pankisi", Gudadze said.

Russian military expert Konstantin Sivkov shared with GTimes his version about the violence over former Saakashvili's allies. "Militants are unguided and a motley crowd. There are real thugs and petty criminals, and ideological fighters. This motley crowd could be quite unsatisfied with crumbs from Georgian table, so they attempted to enrich themselves at the expense of the local peasant population. They could also have a conflict with the local population on some issue, not related to looting. For example, a militant got into a fight with a resident of Kakheti in connection with a local girl, after which the action complained to other militants, and they took up arms and went to "showdown". During the showdown militants took five locals as hostages.

There could be enough reasons for conflict between the militants and locals, since the neighborhood with armed unmanageable people is not the most pleasant neighborhood. Patience of the farmers in Kakheti exhausted, so Saakashvili could well create the appearance of bringing order in Kakheti through the armed provocation", the expert believes.

Apparently, the country may expect such kind of operations in the future. The ruler, who uses bandits for own purposes, is doomed to clean and bleed them. Armed criminals cannot be completely controlled. Only a liar or an amateur can say this.


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