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Saturday, 23 June 2018


Mikheil Saakashvili's hate rhetoric

13.09.2012  |  18:43

Mikheil Saakashvili's hate rhetoric. 28258.jpeg

Yesterday, a protest action was held outside Mikheil Saakashvili's Tbilisi residence. It was organized by a group of young people of Georgia. The participants opposed the fact the country's president used techniques of "hate rhetoric" in his speech, thus aggravating the already difficult situation in the political life of Georgia.


The participants carried indispensable attributes of any protests - banners, causing perplexity of the bystanders. On some banners there were written the words "Niggers", "Rats", "Mummies" and "Scoundrels", on the other - more meaningful "Down with violence!"

It turned out that it were president's favorite words which he used mainly against political opponents. Dachi Tsaguria, one of the organizers, said that the use of "hate rhetoric" is unacceptable to any civilized person, and certainly not suitable for the president of the country.

"Every Saakashvili's speech necessarily contains such expressions as "they suck", "they are - agents"; and this cannot fail to affect the Georgian society. Also, his reckless and tactless expressions, aimed at political opponents, untie the hands of his team members in different parts of Georgia, who are ready to attack the political and ideological dissidents at any moment. We can see the use of "hate rhetoric" in our country every day, and as a result - violence against opponents. This President's lexicon which is daily widened with the neologisms of "hate rhetoric" has led to the fact that the protesters in Karaleti were stoned. Saakashvili serves as "instigator", and his "hatred words", which have become common, cause an escalation in the society", Dachi Tsaguria says.

"The trouble is that members of his team pick up these president's words of "hate rhetoric" and then they (words - Ed.) move on - to the society", Giorgi Chitarishvili, another protestor adds. "For us, such Saakashvili's behavior is unacceptable. Using "hate rhetoric", he is sending a message to the society, urging it to take action against the opposition-minded groups. At any clash between the nationals and the opposition we can hear the words and phrases from the lexicon of our president. Using this "hate rhetoric", Saakashvili has managed to set citizens at loggerheads".

"You cannot call a man a traitor, basing on nothing", David Kirkitadze, protest participant says. "First of all, thus the president violates presumption of innocence. Until then, until the guilt of a person is proven, until the court reaches a decision, you cannot blame anyone and fling mud at him. Can the president call a 16-year-old musician ungifted only because he is the son of opposition (he means the son of Boris Ivanishvili - Ed.)? And then, this was said not by an ordinary citizen but by the president of the country, who is the face of the state. President must feel full responsibility for his words and actions. He must be a hundred times more tactful, more correct, more diplomatic, and smarter in the end".

The use of so-called "hate rhetoric" can cost a lot today. We all remember the sensational story, related to the perfumer Jean-Paul Guerlain, who in one of his interviews inadvertently noticed that, while working on a new perfume he "worked hard as a nigger". And even though we all know what the perfumer had in mind, he was accused of being racist. Nevertheless, the use of "hate rhetoric" is gaining momentum.

According to media monitoring by the company "Internews Georgia" and the Central Election Commission, "hate rhetoric" in Georgia has become particularly popular in the pre-election period.

The study notes that in the period of monitoring "hate rhetoric" against the individuals was expressed in comparing them with animals. "Most often an individual was called "rabbit" and "penguin". In order to dehumanize and demonize an individual they use such words and phrases as "political corpse", "dinosaur", "monster"; the most commonly used are the terms "crazy", "patient", "psychopath", "dog", "penguin", "rat", "nonentity", "pig", said a researcher Diana Chachua. President's favorite expression in respect of his political opponents is "mummy".


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