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Caucasus about Krylov

14.09.2012  |  16:39

Caucasus about Krylov. 28262.jpeg

Yesterday, Konstantin Krylov, head of the National Democratic Party, unwilling to feed the Caucasus, waited in vain for trial for extremism during the rally last year. The judge was very busy and postponed the meeting. Krylov's phrase "It's time to put an end to this strange economic model" providing to the southern republics more means than these republics provide in turn, has been recognized by experts inciting ethnic hatred. In the North Caucasus Russian nationalist was, of course, criticized, although some experts still recognize the surplus in the federal subsidies.

Konstantin Krylov has long prepared to the trial that was to begin yesterday. The writers (Krylov, in addition to political activities, was engaged in writing sci-fi) have published an open letter in his defense. Reporters were going to the Zamoskvoretskiy court. The process was to be loud. But the judge, having pled illness, postponed the trial on September 24.

"I had expected that the trial wouldn't takeplace", fiction writer Kirill Yeskov, who had initiated the collection of signatures under the open letter, told GTimes. "Since the uproar raised, and the authorities love to do things on the sly".

Yeskov does not share political views of the leader of the National Democratic Party, but since such views do exist, they must be discussed, he said. "In inter-ethnic relations there are problems, and the worst thing is government's reaction to them, which pretends there are no problems. Any attempt to talk about these issues are fraught with prosecution", outraged writer says. As for the economic aspects of the problem, they also must not be hushed up, sci-fi writer believes.

In the North Caucasus, nobody is carefully poring over Krylov's speech at the rally, but the general atmosphere of hostility to the Caucasian peoples, of course, offended them. Chairman of the Chechen public movement "Dialogue" Leila Ayubova in a conversation with GTimes reporter stressed that public figures are required to monitor their language. "We have barely entered the proper channel, and such slogans as the one recently made by the governor of the Krasnodar region, cannot be voiced", Ayubova reminded. "Although, humanly, I believe there must be a trial over Krylov - his colleagues and social circles must participate in this trial. But the law is the law. The lawyers know better if there are relevant articles. Chechen people have given thousands of lives for the unity of Russia. And if people do want unity, why do they separate the Caucasus by some kinds of slogans and speeches?"

Leila Ayubova is outraged by the talk about amounts of subsidies to Chechnya. "Do you know what did this all cost to us? Five thousand people are missing. Mothers still don't know what has happened to them. How much blood was shed on those two wars! We support the policy of peace and are radically against any extremist statements and similar actions. We have experienced the horrors over 10 years and stand for peace and unity of the Russian Federation".

One of the leaders of the Council of Elders of the Balkar people Ruslan Babayev is also dissatisfied with such speeches by Krylov and those similar to him. "One and the same persons are always abusing, saying stop feeding the Caucasus. If Moscow allocates us money, that's only in order to plunder it. During this time, they haven't created even single job", Balkar opposition told GTimes correspondent.

The Kabardino-Balkar people live well not because they get a lot, but because they do not drink and work hard, Babayev assures. "The mentality of the Caucasus does not allow living so poorly like in central Russia. There is less of drunkenness. Competitive spirit is developed there. People build good houses, are engaged in subsistence farming. Our village is better than some of the city. This causes envy. They think we live on the money allocated by Moscow. We do not see even a single penny. Earlier they built factories and plants for the people, and now people live mainly due to pensions, in conditions of severe unemployment. People work on their plots, travel to work. We will never have famine, because we will work more and more", our source says.

Babayev denies Krylov's accusations that the Caucasus does not produce anything: "Well, he receives from the Caucasus bread, fruits, pickles, wine. Caucasus has always been the breadbasket, since people here are hardworking. We do not have overgrown fields like in the middle lane. Each house has a private plot. People grow something even in the mountains. Yeah, our productions stand idle because federal government does not allocate even a single penny for us, and if it does, they get stolen. We have mineral resources - gold, silver and molybdenum. Tyrnaussky molybdenum plant, which supplied the entire aviation and aerospace industry in the USSR, had about 8000 jobs, why would not they recover it?"

According to Babayev, if the state allows nationalists to set the mood, Russia collapses soon. "The people won't tolerate such an attitude for a long time. We know that the Russian people are the cementing people of our country, but if it is the Federation, all people should be equal", he stressed.


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