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Saturday, 23 June 2018


"Black Spot" to Georgia's democracy

20.09.2012  |  14:22

"Black Spot" to Georgia's democracy. 28311.jpeg

On the eve of the election Georgian leadership gets blow after blow. But the problem is that these blows were delivered not by the terrible northern neighbor, with whom Saakashvili scares Georgian voters more than a year. But the fact that all the events are the result of Saakashvili's policy.


Georgian numerous articles, photos, posts, and those liberals from across the former Soviet Union who believe in Saakashvili's speeches must be put into museum of propaganda. A broom, which the Gldani prison guards thrust into prisoner's anus, apparently will seriously hit the most democratic regime in the former Soviet Union.

But could it be otherwise in a system with a sadist Bacho Akhalaia and the alikes? Of course not. Even the West, looking through fingers at all Saakashvili's antics, has repeatedly warned him against Akhalaia. But Saakashvili doesn't care about the West. It has swallowed all his adventures and antics, so it will swallow this too. Possibly.

But the Georgians won't tolerate it any more. Today, the drivers of minibuses tear the advertisings of the "Nationals" off their cars; and you can watch TV without the sound. Saakashvili's grimaces on the screens leave no doubt in the fact that the power is really scared for the first time since 2008. In Tbilisi, people came to the rallies not for Ivanishvili or against Saakashvili, but by the call of heart. Events in Gldani prison have left no one indifferent.

Could Georgia fail to know about events in prisons? Hardly. At least, they have certainly heard about them. However, the authorities convinced the citizens there was no other way to deal with "thieves in law", and most did not consider it necessary to intervene. Saakashvili has repeatedly reported the complete defeat of the "thieves' control" in Georgian prisons. They have demonstrated to the whole world new prisons, resembling rest homes, with kitchens, equipped with the latest technology, and happy prisoners, following the straight and narrow.

And now everyone can see the true face of the prison system successfully reformed in Georgia. The footage leaves no doubt why Georgia has managed. Hints of Saakashvili's supporters to Russia in this case are extremely out of place - Putin does not prove to everyone that Russia is the most democratic country and has managed.

Saakashvili today regretfully admitted that the government has suffered a complete fail in the prison system and that the tactics in this area needs to be revised. "Why the prosecutor's office did nothing? The fact that such a large group for some reasons or without them, total maniacs, acted with impunity and severely beat and humiliated people ... I do not understand what reason may cause such actions", Saakashvili asks today his associates.

The prosecutor's office was in same place where it was during the brutal crackdown on May 26, 2011, carried out by the police led by Interior Minister, as well as during the persecution of the opposition, or at the time the events in the Lapota Gorge. The prosecutor's office has always been in power's pocket.

If the "Maestro" and "Channel 9" would not have shown this footage, the prosecutor's office would have continued to dwell in the same somnambulistic state. No one there has read the report by the Ombudsman on the situation with human rights in 2011. But half of the report, consisting of 644 pages, is devoted to the situation in the prison system and preliminary detention cells. And the author of this footage, being well aware of what is awaiting him in the event of arrest not from the Ombudsman's report but from my own experience, preferred to immigrate to Europe.

Today, the power, trying to save face, has dismissed a number of the officials. But yet yesterday Khatuna Kalmakhelidze called the events a provocation by Bidzina Ivanishvili. It is highly doubtful that the minister did not know about happenings in her department. Realizing that she won't manage to shift the blame onto the opposition, she asked for resignation.

The authorities announce the detention of 10 employees of the prison and that the function of the prison guards will be temporarily transferred to the patrol police. Relatives of prisoners apparently do not believe in Saakashvili's humanity and the entire day are holding rally at the gates of the prison, trying to break into its territory.

The opening of the new House of Justice in Tbilisi is scheduled for tomorrow. Against the background of recent developments its opening looks at least strange, if not cynical. And it will be very interesting to look in the eyes of those people who vote for the ruling party after all that has happened.


George Tkhilava


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