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Mass protests in Tbilisi

21.09.2012  |  15:50

Mass protests in Tbilisi. 28327.jpeg

Mass protests in Tbilisi are continuing. Today, at least 10,000 people took to the streets of Tbilisi, demanding government's resignation. They have walked from the building of Philharmonic to the building of the Office of the Government.

Interview with Zaza Davitaia, journalists, human rights activist.

- Mister Zaza, as an active defender


- Nothing happens accidently. Resentment has accumulated in the society over time. We collected information for years, recording the stories of the prisoners, their relatives and their lawyers. Prison officials used methods of violence. Relatives and lawyers of the prisoners had look at bruises on their faces and bodies. But until now, there was no visual material, and this always works perfectly. A picture is worth a thousand words. People saw it and got conviced. of the rights of prisoners and former political prisoner, you are well aware of atrocities in the penitentiary institutions of Georgia. Why such a strong reaction takes place right now?

Mass protests in Tbilisi. 28328.jpeg

-If it is so easy to record this, (the video clearly shows that employees are aware that they are being shot), then why no one shot it until now?

- No, it was not so

- The media has information that the beatings and abuse, we have seen on the "Channel 9", were staged and recorded by a member of the coalition "Georgian Dream", working in the prison. What do you think about this?easy. The video was shot by prison official. We assume that conscience woke up in this man and he decided to do something. In my opinion this is a very bold move on his part.

- We cannot talk about frame-up. There are lawyers who have identified those employees who had been committing beatings prior to this; they were regularly doing this. And it doesn't matter who has taken the video away. The main thing is that it has found the audience. The name of the person who has committed such a dangerous and courageous step is unknown; we know only that he has taken the video out of the country and sent it from abroad.

Mass protests in Tbilisi. 28330.jpeg


- Still, public reaction was immediate. A little time has passed between the spread of the video by the "Channel 9" and TV "Maestro" and protests in Tbilisi. One gets the feeling that it was organized by some forces.

- An important role was played by social networks. There is no organizer: you see that the protest is spontaneous. Yes, there are active participants. They become active at the spot to somehow manage the process. Organizations and political parties have joined the protest. There are representatives of civil organizations.

- Who was the initiator of the route, from the Philharmonic to the Office?

- The citizens have decided this themselves.

- Will the spread of this video affect the upcoming election?

- Of course. We are waiting for the mass resignation. I hope this won't spoil the upcoming election. Now this protest is against the Fascist regime.

Mass protests in Tbilisi. 28329.jpeg

Georgia citizens are rather well grounded in politics today, and today's events prove that civil society, capable to decide in which country they want to live, has matured in Georgia.


Kama Rzayeva


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