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Monday, 23 April 2018


Georgian astrologer told the truth about the election

25.09.2012  |  18:52

Georgian astrologer told the truth about the election. 28352.jpeg

I know famous Georgian astrologer Michael Tsagareli not for the first year. Thanks to our cooperation I've managed to learn a lot of "hidden" information, and to understand some of the political and social processes in Georgia and abroad. A long-awaited date, October 1, 2012, the day of parliamentary election in Georgia, is approaching. Being mistrustful and even superstitious man, I could not help but ask my respondent about the upcoming election process ... from the astrological point of view. I wonder whether Tsagareli's forecast will justify itself. We can only wait.

- Mr. Tsagareli , tell me please about October 1 in terms of placement of the heavenly powers. Maybe you just have a desire to make a prediction on the outcome of the election.

- Let's talk about it very carefully, since the current situation in Georgia is explosive. I think we should be very diplomatic, since if someone does not like something, you lose the ability to work in Tbilisi. Diplomacy first of all!

-Yeah ... Let's leave predictions aside; just tell us about this day. How well the day for the ballot was selected?

- As an astrologer, I don't like this day. Let me explain why.

First, on October 1 relate to the sign of Libra. In principle, this sign is not the worst option for the election because of its peacefulness. Libra is the carrier of compromise, tact and diplomacy. It would seem, why this is not the ideal time to vote? However, as we know, elections have always been paired with aggression, with negative energy. It turns out that it's nonsense to vent aggression and negative emotions during the calmest months of the year, when the cosmos requires us calm and informed decisions, ethical and even aesthetic approach to life! This is a flagrant violation of the laws of space, which, unfortunately, can result in trouble, both for individuals and for the country as a whole.

Second, on October 1, the fiery red aggressive planet Mars passes through the most energetic and "toxic" sign of the zodiac circle - Scorpio! Mars symbolizes activity, action. This suggests that by October 1, most people will be actively set onto the manifestation of the resistance. The society will be full of emotional and negative elements. In addition, Scorpio is a sign which likes to take revenge. Scorpio is the sign of resentful, jealous and stubborn people. During this period, the Martian energy has active influence on all of us, especially on those people who are not able to keep emotions in check because of their character and temperament.

Third, on October 1, Moon passes through the most aggressive sign of the zodiac - Aries. Moon is emotional center, it is responsible for the level of the unconscious in human life. This planet has a very strong effect on the people, since it is the closest to the Earth. Thus, together with the action of Mars the aggression doubles. In addition to the fact that the very situation of the election will strain the masses, these two astrological factors are also negative.

And finally, fourth, the moon will be at the Full Moon phase on the day before the election, on the 30th of September! Full Moon - this is a "satanic day" when a huge mass of negative energy is being sent to Earth. This gives the risk of injury, accidents, conflicts, physical deterioration and worsening of mental illness. It is worth remembering, Full Moon is valid for two days (September 30 and October 1). So these are the reasons why, in my opinion, the holding of election on October 1 - this is mistake!

- Mr. Tsagareli, and if representatives of the authorities would have asked you for the advice, what would you have answered them? When it is possible and necessary to establish election?

- The most successful period is from October 5 to October 23. It is the calmest and and most balanced period in 2012. Election would have been much calmer, and opposing political parties could easily find a compromise.

- In addition, the election are scheduled for Monday ...

- Yes, the 1st October is Monday. Usually elections are held on Sunday. This precedent is almost the only one in the world political practice. I would have understood if the vote was appointed on Saturday ... Everyone knows that Monday is a very bad day; I do not recommend starting any new business on this day; Monday is ruled by the Moon. As I said above, this is the planet of emotions and mental energy.

This is the day when a sharp change of mood and increased conflicts take place. That's why I do not like the idea of holding election on October 1. All of us, the citizens of Georgia, should expect the real test of strength!


Natalia Sakhno


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