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"Saakashvili's Satan"

08.10.2012  |  11:19

"Saakashvili's Satan". 28411.jpeg

We have devoted a lot of space for the experts discussing the results of the parliamentary election in Georgia. Now let's listen to the ordinary people in the streets of Tbilisi.


Saburtalo District, Kazbegi Street, near the center of the city. Near the corner house there were three young men on the steps, two boys and a girl. Given the time of day and the weekday, they have quite an idle appearance. Two boys are joking with each other, a girl who is older, is smoking and inhaling deeply. I went over to them and asked:

- Hello, do you speak Russian or English?

- A little bit.

- You do not work today?

- Well, is there a job?

- Did you participate in the parliamentary election?

- Yes.

- Have your hopes come true? Are you satisfied with the results?

Smoking girl tells the others in Georgian: Do not respond her, she is agent of the "nationals".

- But do you hope that your life will change now?

- We know nothing.

Across the street there is a small vegetable store. Two young sellers are listening attentively an elderly. President Mikhail Saakashvili is speaking in the TV.

- Excuse me, I wonder for what party did you vote on the 1st of October?

- My daughter, your question is rather unseemly. Of course, for the "Georgian Dream".

- Then I congratulate you on your victory. Was it a surprise to you?

- No, we all knew that it would be this way, one of the sellers interferes.

- I was expecting that residents of Akhalkalaki and Akhaltsikhe would vote for Misha. But I can't understand why did the Azerbaijanis from Marneuli vote for the Sahakyan's party? I think the results there were falsified. I will never believe this could happen.

- Why Sahakyan? Do you hint at his Armenian origin?

- I do not hint? This is no secret. Cannot you see how much he does for the regions inhabited by the Armenians? And they always support him. Look at us, at me, at these guys, and now look at Misha, continues our respondent pointing at the TV screen. Does he look like us?

Vazha-Pshavela Street. Park. Almost all the benches are occupied. In the depths of the park two men are clinking glasses. A woman is sitting on the kast brench eating a sandwich. A drunken man walks between the benches and requests 20 tetri.

I went over to the woman and explain that I am conducting a survey on the street.

- Excuse me, do you work?

- No, I am a housewife.

- Did you go to the polls?

- Of course, I voted for the "Georgian Dream".

- Why?

- Because Saakashvili - this is Satan. (Incidentally, this definition of the president is very popular in Georgia - Ed.). And his party is Satanic. The worst thing he did - he has sowed mistrust in society. People do not trust each other. Every second is a traitor. His people are everywhere. And the attitude to the journalists has changed. They have lost their respect. Don't you see this?

- You also do not trust the media?

- You also do not trust the media?

- I do not like journalists of the "Rustavi 2", "Imedi", "1 Channel".

Varketeli. A newsstand. The seller has just sold two newspapers "Kviris Palitra".

- Do people read this paper?

- Yes, they do.

- I have a question for you. For whom you voted on October 1?

- It depends on who you are.

- From the "Big Caucasus".

- From the "Big Caucasus", supervised by Russia?

- Do you visit our site?

- I visit nothing. I have every right not to answer your questions. And it is my private matter for whom I voted.

- But are you happy with the election results? Did you expect such a result?

- I am 60 years old, I have a big family and I feed them alone. Because there is no job for my children.

Moscow Avenue. A bakery. Two Azerbaijanis buy bread. They are employees of the SOCAR (Azerbaijan's oil company). Just opposite the bakery - there is a petrol station.

- Do you like working in Tbilisi?

- Yes. Why do you ask?

- Just wondering how do the Azerbaijanis live here. Did you vote on October 1?

- Yes, of course

- And can I ask you for whom?

- No.

A young woman, who also buys bread, suddenly says:

- I can say. I am a supporter of the opposition. And I voted for the party of Bidzina Ivanishvili. I am 31 and I cannot find a job. They say I am to old. How can I live? I have children. I'm not afraid to speak. If everything was good, would we look for something else? This means everything's bad. Why do people want to come to power? To rob the people. To fill their pockets. And Ivanishvili has the money, so he will not rob us.


  Kama Rzayeva


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