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Dagestan is being prepared for war

10.10.2012  |  20:39

Dagestan is being prepared for war. 28447.jpeg

Russia is being mentally prepared for war against Dagestan. The scandal with the shooting at the wedding in Moscow, according to member of the Public Chamber Maxim Shevchenko, "sets the society against Dagestan". Sensation around the participation of army units in the fight against terrorism, hyped by the media and refuted by Senator Alexander Torshin, makes us think about the inevitability of war. However, Dagestan lives usual life, having opened the III North Caucasus Innovation Forum in Kaspiysk today. But the Dagestanis, who have heard the roar of an air strike near Makhachkala, are anxiously awaiting further developments.

While president of Dagestan visited Jordan, his republic has got into jeopardy. Not the flooding in Derbent threatens the country, but something more serious. Public Chamber member Maksim Shevchenko defines it this way: "something military and large-scale". Perhaps, he believes, provocation with shooting at the Dagestani wedding which "sets the society against Dagestan" was undertaken exactly for this.

According to Shevchenko, recent Medvedev's visit to Dagestan, reports of losses among federal troops during the counter terrorist operation (CTO) "and plaintive squeak of the Dagestani elite" are from the same story.

The expert has another explanation: the army was brought there in order to establish control over the municipal election which must change the power. "Over the years it (the power - Ed.) has acquired a pool of stakeholders, who are not far from the crime, to put it mildly. I think the power is making itself safe", Shevchenko said in an interview.

However, another sensation, hyped by the media, still speaks in favor of the military version. It is about information of a source of the Interfax from the operational staff of the units of the Interior Ministry and the FSB in Dagestan. He said that starting from October the Russian army is involved in counterterrorism operations against armed groups in the North Caucasus. At the same time, the Defense Ministry has already reported combat losses.

For a man who follows the news, a source of the Interfax has revealed no secret. Army units are permanently stationed in Dagestan and periodically become targets for terrorists. Naturally, they respond to attacks with firing and take part in local battles. In addition, military aircraft regularly takes part in counter terrorist operations in Dagestan, supporting the police from the air. Thus, involvement of the army in fighting the terrorists is not a sensation.

However, today member of the National Anti-Terrorist Committee Senator Alexander Torshin refuted participation of regular army in fighting terrorists. "There is no any talk about some kind of large-scale anti-terrorist operations, as well as about the redeployment of troops", he said. Torshin added that terrorist activity corresponds to the season.

The same fear appeared after the murder of the spiritual leader Said Effendi and speech of Mufti's wife, who has blamed "non-traditional" Muslims for this: Mufti tried to establish a dialogue with them. This letter seemed to reveal the direct path to civil war which would necessarily involve the military.

However, there is no full-scale war. There are local operations, terrorist attacks, eliminated suspects of terrorism and victims of militants. But all of this little changes neither the life of any of the Dagestani nor mechanisms of republic governance. What kind of war one can speak about, if today, after the horror stories from "sources", in Kaspiysk there opened the III North Caucasus Innovation Forum. Main topics of discussions there will be multi-agent robotics and intelligent habitats, the prospects for renewable energy in Russia and nanotechnology.

However, yesterday's air strikes on militants' base near Makhachkala, in a wooded area behind the mountain Tarki-Tau, stand out from the general background of the Dagestani life. Makhachkala residents joke that they are being prepared not only for local CTOs, but also to nuclear explosions. They do not really trust Torshin's refutation.

"Torshin has no right to refute anything. NATC is headed by Bortnikov. His has his own executive personnel and website on which they have neither confirmed nor denied the information about the redeployment of troops to the territory of Dagestan and Ingushetia, as well as the use of troops in the counter-terrorist operations", a lawyer Rasul Kadiev told GTimes. "Under the law, the troops have the right to participate in the CTO. The law is not broken; but there is a moral issue: 6 years have passed since these troops were used in Chechnya, and now they use them again. There is no information about the reason of troops involvement. What forces oppose the army and the temporary grouping of internal forces in the mountains if they have to regroup the forces and pull additional units? Some say they have no guns over 100 mm, while others say they have no right to use heavy weapons. But we see no official explanation".


Svetlana Bolotnikova


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