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Who kills people in Ingushetia?

12.10.2012  |  17:25

Who kills people in Ingushetia?. 28463.jpeg

We continue the series of articles about the situation in Ingushetia, where the dissatisfaction with the increasing incidence of kidnapping and killing people without trial is growing. We know at least several cases, involving local security forces.


It is unknown who kidnaps people and commit extrajudicial killings in Ingushetia today. Republic is full of various intelligence agencies and attached Special Forces. The authorities call any extrajudicial execution a special operation, resulting in the loss of either militants or their logistics officers (locals supplying militants with medicines, food, and information).

The last operation in the village of Sagopshi, when four young guys were killed in one morning, involved Ingush law enforcers, although until now this was job of attached Special Forces. Apparently, after eight years of civil war some employees of the Ingush Interior Ministry are ready to perform such tasks.

Attempts to create such units in Ingushetia were made repeatedly. These were groups of relatives of the killed police officers who came to the MIA with one purpose - to avenge their fathers and brothers. But militants quickly learnt their names and killed them. According to the militants, FSB Lieutenant Colonel Alikhan Kalimatov, killed in 2007, was actively recruiting young people into a special unit to deal with the underground. It is unknown if it is true or not - Colonel was killed, and there is no opportunity to ask about this "Magas", one of the leaders of the underground, who gave the order to eliminate him.

All the speculations about a vendetta against local police under the present system of power in Chechnya and Ingushetia is no more than empty talk. But local law enforcers are still afraid to advertise their participation in such operations, knowing that tomorrow, when the situation changes, they may bear responsibility for the innocent victims.

Today, the main purpose of abductions and extrajudicial executions by the security forces is not the elimination of the militants but an attempt to destroy the social base of support of the underground by the society. Militants usually do not allow kidnapping themselves and do not meet security officials in underwear as happened to the young people killed in Sagopshi month ago. Nobody in the republic blames the state for the deaths of these militant. They have chosen their path themselves. But executions of the suspected of sympathizing with the rebels or simply murders and kidnappings on someone's denunciation sets the people against the system, which does not comply with its own laws.

Society demands from security forces to bring cases to the court to prove the guilt of the detainees, but security officials prefer an easy and, as they believe, more efficient method of dealing with the militants and their supporters: total destruction. Random victims and those killed by mistake are not taken into account. The government turns a blind eye to all crimes of the "anti-terrorist fighters". In all these years, no security official has been convicted by the court for the murder or kidnapping; and the victims account is already in the thousands.

The only one who has managed to save kidnapped relatives was Maksharip Aushev. He arranged a rally in Nazran. Police avail tried to disperse the crowd throughout the day. When his son and nephew were taken to the forest with "Snickers" (this is how they call the procedure to get rid of the body, when the kidnapped are taken into the woods, tied with TNT blocks and blown up), cell phone of the commander of the unit, which carried out the execution, rang. After talking for three minutes, he ordered to untie the prisoners and leave them at the nearest police station.

The authorities, fearing mass unrest, backed down, thus confirming the involvement of security forces in the killings and abductions. Maksharip, having traveled throughout Chechnya at the risk of life, found a secret prison in the village of Goity and established names of those who had been behind the kidnapping. But he failed to bring the case to the end. He was killed by the executioners of "death squads" along with a relative on the way to Nalchik in 2009. As always, the investigation has failed to establish the killers.

In the republic there are rumors that the kidnapped live for three days. During these three days the relatives have the opportunity to save their loved ones, but there are few of those who has managed to do this. Officials meet with them, promising to help, but in the end they do not find those kidnapped. Or the families get the corpses and must sign a paper that they have no claims to the law enforcement agencies.

An old man at the funeral of another victim of so-called "death squads" said the following: "There's no state any more. Under the Soviet Union the peoples were evicted, and the power took responsibility. And these authorities are worse than thugs - they kill people and do not recognize that they had killed them".


Shamil Ozdoyev


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