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Ingush rapists and adat

16.10.2012  |  10:41

Ingush rapists and adat. 28477.jpeg

For Muslim republic a rape - this is an event out of the ordinary. According to the Interior Ministry, for years Ingushetia has been one of the leaders in regard of this type of crime. But lately, there were recorded rapes of men and women, girls and boys. Last week in the village of Troitskoye, after harassment of a pupil, his father shot Yunus Akhilgov, a madrassa teacher. In connection with such "loud obscene cases" Ingush "People's Parliament" Mekhk-Khel urged countrymen to use adat - "customary law".

A father of many children raped stranger girls of 5-10 years. A young man abused a 7-years-old boy, using the absence of his relatives. Father raped a 6-years-old daughter. A girl was abused in the restroom of a bus station. All this has happened in a modern Ingushetia, where up to 2009, according to statistics, there occurred not more than one case of attempted rape per year.

Not only the laity, but clergy has become preoccupied with sex. On October 11, in the village of Troitskoye, a 53-years-old Khamzat Khadziev killed the madrasa teacher Yunus Akhilgov for harassment of a pupil - Khadziev's 19-year-old son.

Due to these "loud obscene cases uncharacteristic for our people", Mekhk-Khel, whose tasks include, among other things, "to preserve and improve the moral make-up", called on the Ingushes "to rally and counteract such negative phenomena, dirty and immoral people".

Specific reason for the appeal was father's and son's sexual abuse of an innocent girl in the village of Ekazhevo. According to the Mekhk-Khel, their relative Beshtoev, the police officer, helped them in the kidnapping. "This case makes the whole family of Ekazhev (Tsechoev), residents of the village of Ekazhevo and of the entire republic to punish these criminals as our ancestors did, evicting from the village and announcing curse (Wii khaykayar), especially given the fact that this family has ruined the fate of more than two dozen Ingush women. Criminals are also those who harbor these villains and support their contacts. Their actions contribute to the spread of evil in our land", says the statement of the organization. It also requests the law enforcement and judicial authorities to punish the perpetrators.

Not long ago, the lawyer Dagir Khasavov called to introduce Sharia for Russian Muslims. The authors of this letter also speak about alternative justice, based not on Islam, but on the traditional law - adat. Mekhk-Khel member Magomed Khazbiyev the correspondent of "Big Caucasus" that Russian authorities have almost outlived Ingush customs, but offered inefficient judicial system instead. Therefore, salvation is in the revival of "customary law".

- Do you think the revival of adat can help restore law and justice?

 - I'm sure of it. Previously it was terrible to learn that someone had killed a man. Everyone, shooting, knew that the bullet would come back to his home. Everyone knew that he put his relatives under threaten. And today everyone in the republic knows who has killed or abducted son, but they cannot ask from relatives, since an army of drunken bastards from other regions of Russia stand behind the perpetrators. That's why they see no limits. And 15 years ago, the one who goes and kills this police officer, he was a real man, because he avenged his family.

- What if he was wrong? This is the problem of vendetta: what if you killed wrong man?

- This couldn't happen with us. If we are 99 percent sure that this man is a murderer, but he swears on the Koran that this is not so, we leave him alone. No one was killed without reason. This process may take years and involve the whole clan. Elders do their job, young people - their job in order to find out who did it. And Mekhk-Khel performed parliamentary and judicial functions. There were neither murders, nor terrorists or militants.

 - What do you think about another high-profile crime of recent days - killing of a madrassa teacher Yunus Akhilgov in the village of Troitskoye? He was reportedly killed for sexual abuse of a pupil. Under the adat, was the young man's father right punishing him?

- For such an insult this is the right penalty. Those who, wearing epaulets, slaughter the people, they are now in honor. In old times, an old man, who has made this, would have been honored. The one who took revenge and killed for his blood, but not those who did it for the sake of money and epaulets. I think that everyone in the Caucasus would say that this man was right. Sure, it's scary when a teacher, Mullah, one of the spiritual leaders do such things; but the Muslims, just like all the people, are imperfect. If the father went out and killed a man, I believe that he did it not without a reason.


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