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Monday, 19 March 2018


Fuad Akhundov: "The Armenians have no history in the Caucasus"

22.10.2012  |  21:15

Fuad Akhundov: "The Armenians have no history in the Caucasus". 28530.jpeg

Armenian hackers are continuing to attack Azerbaijani Internet resources. The latest victim is the website, exploring the history and toponymy of Armenia. As a result of hacking the content of the resource has disappeared. Moreover, cyber-criminals have left the foul words on each page. What did not like the Armenian hackers this time?


Website, based on the book of the researcher Fuad Akhundov, is devoted to the study of Armenian history and its toponymy. It contains the most informative database, opinions and facts from the mouth of the authoritative representatives of the U.S., France, Germany, Austria, UK, Holland, Belgium, France, Sweden, Israel, Turkey, Russia and Georgia. They are well-known writers, scholars, clergy, community leaders and military. A special section is devoted to the research of the scientists from Armenia and Western scholars of Armenian descent.

Hacking of this site is a sign of weakness of the Armenian side, Fuad Akhundov says. "They cannot argue with us about the numerous cases of falsifications by Armenia collected in the first volume of the book "The Destroyers of Fraud" and on the website That's why they just attack our websites. But we must not forget the unwritten truth: what is writ is writ. And this clumsy work of Armenian hackers cannot destroy my book, and it will serve the researchers of Armenian history forever", says the researcher.

What on this website makes the Armenians outraged?

The book explores the history of falsifications of the Armenian so-called scientists, says Fuad Akhundov. Only the story of Erevan fortress can reveal dozens, maybe hundreds of falsification. Of course, for many Armenian chauvinists such approach to the history is unprofitable. They try to educate their citizens basing on this lie, thus inspiring them to hate the people of Azerbaijan, says the researcher.

"This book is not an expression of my personal opinion or position, but a collection of quotes and sayings of famous scientists from different countries and peoples. This means that having hacked the website, the Armenian side showed its disrespect not to me but to the world scientific community. The second volume of the book with even more statements by Armenian authors and scientists, revealing numerous cases of falsification of Armenian history, wil be published soon", says Fuad Akhundov.

According to the researcher, even if we remove all the lies the history of Armenia, it does not mean that there will remain only the truth. Since there can remain nothing. To prove his statement, he cites the example of the destruction of Erevan fortress. This fortress was built in 1504-1511 by the commander Revangulu Khan. In his honor it was named Revan and later Irevan. Irevan fortress was taken by Russian forces under General Paskevich in October 1827. As a result, Irevan khanate was annexed to the Russian Empire and became known as Erevan fortress.

"But after the capture of the fortress the Russian troops even didn't think to destroy it, as the Armenian sources claim. Conversely, Russians used it as a powerful fortification in the South Caucasus and strengthened it. Even during the capture of the Irevan fortress Russian forces tried not to damage it walls and defenses, recognizing its role in protecting the southern border of the Russian Empire, as it was done two centuries before by the people's militia led by Minin and Pozharsky during the capture of the Moscow Kremlin. Looking at the painting of the famous battle-painter Franz Roubaud "Surrender of Yerevan Fortress on October 1, 1827", which is known for detailed reflection of a reality, it becomes clear who has destroyed the fortress and why. Armenians did this since by its appearence the fortress proves belonging to the Azerbaijani civilization. Moreover, the fortress was destroyed in the second half of the XX century, having lost its protective function, but preserved its historical and cultural value", Akhundov says.

The researcher believes that if you see any "scientific conclusion" of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia, it is necessary to turn it over 180 degrees, and only then you can understand the truth. For example, "liberated" means "seized, occupied". "Native" means "alien". "Reconstructed" means "destroyed", and so on.

"This is Yerevan's formula of antiquating, but at the same time they provide ridiculous evidences. They also cannot present ancient parts of the cities, typical for all of ancient cities. They have demolished the fortress and turned Yerevan into the world's only ancient city with no historic center. In response to our accusations in the absence of the historic center in Yerevan, in contrast to Tbilisi and Baku, Armenia has adopted a program of restoration of the historic center, which includes the restoration of up to two dozen buildings of late XIX and early XX century, which is shame to call ancient", Fuad Akhundov says.


Nadir Shafiev


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