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Saturday, 20 October 2018


Backman: Repression against me are related to "Kavkaz-Center"

09.11.2012  |  13:37

Backman: Repression against me are related to "Kavkaz-Center". 28669.jpeg

In late October 2012, wife of the Finnish defender Johan Backman got a bullet and a threatening letter by post. Finnish extreme rights accused Backman of treason and want to prosecute him. Defender was deprived of an associate professor at the university. Johan Backman reasonably believes that the cause of repression is his position in relation to the "protection" of the North Caucasian separatists by the Finnish authorities. He told GTimes about this.

- The Russian media associate repression against you with your protection of the rights of Russian wives of Finnish citizens and their children. Could it be that you are being persecuted because of "Kavkaz-Center"?

- You are right. This persecution is connected with this. Everyone knows that I've been speaking against the support of the Caucasian separatists and Islamists by the Finnish leadership and carrying out investigations into their activities in Finland. My work in this field has always hindered the Finnish lobbyists of Islamist terror. My position on this issue is well known in Scandinavia and Russia. The mention of my name has become a favorite thing of all numerous Finnish media.

Repressions against me and other human rights activists have other, more global causes. Finland's position in the international arena is joyless. Finland tried to get into the UN Security Council, but was refused. The main reason for Finland's failure is the facts of publicity of the ties between Finnish politicians and radical Islamists and Caucasian separatists. Juha Molari was the first who has announced these ties. In addition, the hope of NATO membership is more and more vague. I and Molari were accused of growth of Finland's integration into the space of the Eurasian Union. The trade and tourism with Russia are increasing, as well as the number of Finnish-Russian marriages. Finland has even adopted a law under which you can pay in rubles for purchases in many local stores. In short, Finland is getting closer to Russia. Finnish supporter of NATO integration, who want the country to lobby the interests of the U.S. in this region and take anti-Russian direction, do not like this.

- In what way Finnish media speaks about you and "Kavkaz-Center"?

- Finnish Foreign Ministry annually publishes a report on the image of Finland in our media. This report is available online. My name is often mentioned there. Of course, Finnish Foreign Ministry keeps silent about the Caucasian terrorists. Finnish politicians, experts and journalists also keep silent on this issue. The topic of "protection" of the Caucasian terrorists is closed and very dangerous. In October 2012, the newspaper "Helsingin Sanomat" devoted a whole page for me and poured a bucket of slops. Our TV-channel "YLE" uses to tell about Beckman that he slanders Finland and pays money to other people for defamation. The journalists have not bothered to call me.

- Whoo are the lobbyists of Caucasian terrorists in the Finnish media and in the social environment of Finland?

- Laudatory article about the "Kavkaz-Center" - this is a calling card of such respectable Finnish publications as Ilta-Sanomat and broadcasting company "YLE". Kerkko Paananen, Secretary of the human rights organization "Finnish-Russian Civic Forum", is lobbying "Kavkaz-Center" at the societal level. A year ago Paananen was one of the public defender of Mikael Storsj.

"Finnish-Russian Civic Forum" was founded by Heidi Hautala, Minister of Development of Finland. Ms Hautala is ready to defend anyone in Russia as long as he is against the Russian state. Besides Caucasian separatists, she is supporting Mikhail Khodorkovsky, different national separatists, "Pussy Riot". "Pussy Riot", as well as the thugs of Doku Umarov, are innocent victims of Russian justice in her opinion.

Another lady - Tarija Cantal, Deputy Foreign Minister of Finland, is also lobbying the interests of Islamists from the North Caucasus. They have the right to open access to classified material of foreign intelligence services working in Finland and combating terrorism. As a human rights activist, I do not understand this. This situation is extremely dangerous for Finland.

- In Russia, the name of your colleague and associate Juha Molari, a former Lutheran pastor, is well known. He was deprived of the parish for the war against the "Kavkaz-Center" in 2010. How things are going now?

- As a priest, Juha Molari suffered for not being a Russophobe and for refusal to sow Russophobia in his parish. For this he was deprived of the Lutheran parish in 2010, and then generally banned in ministry. In October 2011, he converted to Orthodoxy, and then finally became "untouchable". Juha is unsuccessfully trying to get at least some job for two years.

He, Ph.D., has already tried to get job of a cleaner, porter, car washers, shop assistant. After all Molari has family to feed. Molari's wife is Russian, native of St. Petersburg. He always gets refusal, because of his activities. An unemployed with the status of dissident is finally lost to Finnish society. Additionally, Juha and his family are being threatened. I think that secret services are watching my friend and colleague. Juha has long wanted to move to Russia. There are about two dozen of people like Molari in Finland. They are priests, journalists, and academics.


Arthur Priymak


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