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Will Ivanishvili "mess about Circassian Genocide"?

29.11.2012  |  16:57

Will Ivanishvili "mess about Circassian Genocide"?. 28771.jpeg

Under Saakashvili the issue of "Circassian genocide" in the Russian Empire was one of the most important parts of Georgia's policy. One of the main mouthpieces of this issue was TV channel PIK. Now the "First Informational Caucasian" doesn't exist. More recently the existence of the project "the Circassian Genocide" has been called into question. Minister for Reintegration of Georgia Paata Zakareishvili said "it's enough to mess with this genocide". Will the new Georgian regime refuse of the "Circassian project" or simply correct it? GTimes spoke to the experts about this.

Saakashvili's "Circassian game" has failed, and Ivanishvili is unlikely to somehow revive the costly project, which does not justify itself", Russian political analyst Stanislav Tarasov told GTimes. He justifies this by saying that the continuation of the "Circassian game" by Ivanishvili would "cross up" Georgia before its closest neighbors - Turkey and Russia.

As an example the expert cites the following case. "When Saakashvili only began to organize anti-Russian actions of the Circassians around the world, I was in Istanbul. Circassians held actions throughout Turkey. Turkish authorities asked me, as a representative of Russia, what they were to do with these actions? I answered: these Circassians were organized and financed by Saakashvili. So disperse the actions, since it would "play" against you. Several months later I was back in Istanbul. Turkish officials meet me and said, "You were so right that time". The fact is that after the anti-Russian statements Turkish Circassian immediately demanded the right to autonomy, the Circassian schools and television", Stanislav Tarasov told GTimes.

"Circassian question" is an international problem of XIX century, a part of the "Eastern Question". This period of history has been well studied in science and has a rich historiography", Asker Sokht, chairman of the "Circassian Khasa" in the Krasnodar region told the Big Caucasus.

"For the modern Circassian world the ensuring of their rights and freedoms in the countries of residence, preservation of ethnocultural and linguistic identity, as well as development of lins between Circassian communities around the world, remain the relevant. Over the last two decades the enormous changes began in this direction. Modern Circassian world, because of the greater openness of our countries, the development of means of communication and extremely high intensification of contacts between Circassian communities in different countries, has caused the tremendous growth of national consciousness. Different countries are trying to use this phenomenon for political purposes, based on their interests. This is particularly taking place in the case of Georgia", Sokht said.

According to him, the second and equally important aspect of the Circassian problem lies in the Georgian political specificity. Between Georgia and Russia there are unresolved contradictions that do not depend on who rules Georgia. Both Moscow and Tbilisi strive to resolve these contradictions only in their favor. "The political struggle in Georgia only stimulates the growth of contradictions", says Asker Sokht.

"Aggravating factor is the loss of political independence by the Georgian elite. Modern Georgian political class is focused on the U.S. and the West. Key decisions that directly affect the national interests of the Georgian state are often taken far from Tbilisi. Perhaps, Georgia's political activity in the North Caucasus region is not the Georgian strategy in fact. There's also temptation to create mechanisms and institutions of impact on the socio-political situation in the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation through Georgia", Circassian expert adds. He argues that neither Moscow nor Circassians should pin their hopes on Ivanishvili. "2013 will create a new surge of contradictions. Total West's neglect of Russian interests in the Middle East and Greater Caucasus will again generate crises", Asker Sokhta told the edition.

Circassian public figure Tamerlan Urusov also shared his point of view with the Big Caucasus.

"Russia has a complicated history, and the concept of "Circassian genocide" would only hurt both the Circassians as the people of Russia and Russia itself as a multinational state. The fact that Saakashvili has repeatedly spoken about the "Circassian genocide" did not help them. Talking about the extermination of Circassians has only caused spontaneous chain reaction among various nationalist separatists within Russia. And when they started looking for a ringleader, for some reason they found him among the Circassians in Russia. So I consider Paata Zakareishvili's proposal to be constructive and actual".


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