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Mosque n.a. Kadyrov: Recognition or idolatry?

04.12.2012  |  16:19

Mosque n.a. Kadyrov: Recognition or idolatry?. 28789.jpeg

A mosque named after Ramzan Kadyrov will be built in the Chechen town of Shali. On December 2, a solemn laying of the capsule took place at the construction site of worship. According to Muslim clerics, Kadyrov Jr. deserves a mosque in his honor. Renowned philosopher and public figure Heydar Jemal calls these initiatives idolatry.


Chairman of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Chechnya, Sultan Haji Mirzayev was unable to participate in the ceremony laying of the capsule, since at that time he was in Moscow. He promised to tell the Big Caucasus details of the project later, noting only that the mosque should be built within three years. "The impetus for the construction was the desire of the Shali residents", Mufti says. "As you know, this city is home to over 50,000 people. Ramzan did much for them, as well as for residents of other cities. Shali is now almost completely restored. Soviet roads, narrow, were expanded. A lot of facilities have been built - the administration buildings, schools, gyms ... Thanks to Ramzan's efforts Shali is revived".

According to Mirzayev, in Islam, in general, it's considered inappropriate to build a mosque in honor of political leaders, but Kadyrov has earned this honor through his contributions to the development of religion. "It is a tradition - we give a mosque the names of theologians, companions of the Prophet (praise him), respected people from the point of view of Islam. Ramzan has done very much for religion. He has opened so many mosques in the country, madrasas, Islamic University Islamic ... Revival of Islam in the Republic is due to Ramzan, we all see it. Of course, the foundation was laid by his father Akhmad-Hadji, but Ramzan is fulfilling his will. So I think Ramzan deserves a mosque in his honor".

In turn, Mirzayev's colleague, the head of Muslims of Karachai-Cherkessia and Stavropol Ismail Haji Berdiyev assured the Big Caucasus correspondent, from the point of view of Islam, it is quite acceptable to name a mosque after a politician. "It's not so important, whose name we chose to call it", Berdiyev says. "I remember the Sheikhs from Emirates came to Adygea. They asked a place for the construction of a mosque, and the former head of the republic Dzhamirov (Aslan Dzhamirov, the head of Adygea in 1992-2002 - Ed.) found a site for them. Sheikhs bought out two houses and built a mosque in their place. A sign says that a certain Sheikh built it and so on. But the mosque is named after president Dzharimov. Because he permitted and assisted".

"At one time I asked Putin: assist us in construction of a mosque in Karachay-Cherkessia", Ismail Haji Berdiyev adds. "I want to say that our head Temrezov (Rashid Temrezov, the head of Karachay-Cherkessia - Ed.) is already building this mosque. And among the people it will be called after Temrezov".

Meanwhile, a prominent philosopher and public figure Heydar Jemal considers such practice fallacious - he sees elements of idolatry in the current trend. "This tradition is associated with the Ottoman state", Jemal says. "Turks created state Islam, which, in fact, was a departure from Islam. Therefore, all rebellions of XVIII century in the late caliphate were directed not only against the West, but also against sultans. So, in Turkey they built mosques still bearing the names of the sultans and their wives. Such tradition is fallacious. This is nothing but a form of shirk (shirk in Islam is the worship of anyone or anything but God - Ed.)".

The expert notes that Islam by its nature cannot have anything to do with the state ideology. "Of course, it is very regrettable that the mentality of Russian Muslims is so shadowed, they do not understand obvious things. I must say, the Tsarist Empire took over much from the Turkish neighbors. All these official clerics are the copies of bureaucracies of the Ottoman Empire making Islam the state ideology. But nothing has left from Islam. Islam originally appeared as a religion and ideology of the Jamaat. And Jamaat opposes the state in all its forms. This organization is a direct military democracy on the basis of faith. Therefore there cannot exist state Islam, just like there cannot exist imperialist Marxism", Jemal stresses.


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