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To find Akhmed Buzurtanov: Mission possible?

18.12.2012  |  16:55

To find Akhmed Buzurtanov: Mission possible?. 28842.jpeg

December 6, in the village of Mayskoye, there was kidnapped a coach of sports club "Kala" Akhmed Buzurtanov. This kidnapping was a shock for the whole of Ingushetia. Famous athlete, public activist was the latest victim of "death squads". The youth of the republic, non-governmental organizations, human rights activists and even the Ingush branch of "United Russia" demand the authorities to find and punish Buzurtanov's kidnappers. President of the club "Kala" Murad Ismailov told us about the ongoing search.

Almost two weeks have passed since the captivity of the coach of sports club "Kala" Ahkmed Buzurtanov in the village of Mayskoye. Till now the searching of those missing has been conducted exclusively by their close relatives, but in the case of Akhmed the entire country is engaged in his search. His friends, advocates and the whole sporting community of Ingushetia are demanding the authorities and law enforcement bodies to find Buzurtanov. Human rights activists from Chechnya and Russia have joined the search. All social networks and websites of the North Caucasus are publishing calls to the authorities to find the missing athlete.

Ingush lawyer Musa Pliev sent a request to the European Court of Human Rights on the application of the rules 39-41 of the ECHR, under which the court may require the Russian authorities to urgently present the data on investigation. Chechen human rights activist Kheda Saratova met with Yunus-Bek Yevkurov on December 7, and he promised to personally observe the case. According to Kheda, she hopes that at least one case under personal control of the authorities will be completed, and Buzurtanov will be found and released.

President of the sports club "Kala" Murad Ismailov, who became the public head and coordinator of the search of Akhmed Buzurtanov, agreed to talk about the situation.

- Every day we receive reports that Akhmed was found. We check all the information, but, unfortunately, this is just rumors. For example, a couple days ago, we received information that Akhmed was taken to the Ingush Interior Ministry. We came there but they only shrug. In fact, the entire country is searching and waiting for him. Everybody is trying to learn something, do something. We're going to the investigative committee of North Ossetia, we will meet with their head Iran Kasayev. We go with a delegation from the club, and President of the Security Council of the Republic of Ingushetia Ahmed Kotiev goes with us.

- In social networks, there has appeared a report that in the near future we would learn where Buzurtanov was. Could you comment this?

- I think that this message is related to the upcoming trip, and people have high expectations on this meeting.

- All these days your supporters and the opposition wrote about the meeting to be held in Ingushetia. They discussed the options, the number of participants and the venue, but the meeting has not taken place. Why?

- We have the opposition, "Mekhk-Khel", who are pursuing their own selfish purposes. I do not deny that they worry about Akhmed, about the situation in the country, but we have a very bad example related to the actions of the so-called opposition. They have announced that they intended to hold a meeting on December 13 at the main bus station in Nazran, demanding to find Buzurtanov; they urged athletes to come there. The guys did not go there, but most importantly is that very oppositionists did not appear there. Personally to me this means one thing: they pursue only their goals. They wanted the athletes to go there, and the people would have joined them, and then they would have appeared with political slogans and demands. But the problem is that the place was cordoned off by riot police and police officers, a fight with the police would have begun, and they would have started to disperse an unauthorized rally. But most importantly, that they haven't appeared there, which means that they need our problem only as an excuse to provoke the authorities. Moreover, they encouraged our athletes to come there, and they are 17-20 years old. They would not have let to beat themselves with batons with impunity, especially considering that they stand for the right thing, trying to save their friend. It could have ended badly, both for them and for the police.

- Murad, but you have already met with authorities in the Boxing Hall of Nazran. What is the result of this meeting?

- I created this club together with Akhmed Buzurtanov and other children. I want to find Akhmed and I'm doing everything possible to achieve this goal. We met with the authorities two days ago, in the Boxing Hall; there were more than 200 athletes from all over the country. The authorities asked us not to hold the meeting solely because they were afraid of provocations and asked to give them time for search. Even the branch of "United Russia" is engaged in this case. We have discussed with the authorities not only the case of Buzurtanov, but also the problem of abductions in Ingushetia as a whole. We demand from the government to install security cameras throughout the country. There is a federal program "The city sees". And for our part we are ready to help the police, creating volunteer militias. But now the number one task is to find Akhmed Buzurtanov.


Interviewed Shamil Ozdoev


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