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Thursday, 26 April 2018


Georgia needs pro-Russian policy?

30.01.2013  |  15:31

Georgia needs pro-Russian policy?. 28994.jpeg

After the change of power in Georgia former senior officials of the country have started returning. Each with his own initiative. One of them is former Minister of State Security of Georgia Valery Khaburdzania who held the position in the 2001-2004. "I'll be back in order to create the first truly pro-Russian party", said the ex-minister.


It should be noted that such a loud statement of the former KGB chief of Georgia was met ambiguous. On the one hand, there are those who believe that a healthy and open competition with the pro-Western forces, or rather, pro-American, and the creation of alternative institutions, for example pro-Russian party of Khaburdzania, is good thing. And it can be effective. Many even do not mind to assist the organization of such a party and are ready to cooperate with it.

For example, in an interview to GTimes Kakha Kukava quite openly said that he welcomed the return of former officials of Georgia to the country and was ready to support the initiative of Valery Khaburdzania. However, with a small caveat. "It's too early to say something concrete about the existence of a pro-Russian party in Georgia. First serious comments can be made after the first real steps, but the creation of such a party has prospects. The very activity of its creator will show how efficient and effective it is, thus it will be possible to draw conclusions. And then we'll understand whether we want to cooperate with the party".

Khaburdzania has made another interesting statement. "Americans today are buying Georgia for cheap, and Russia does not pay for it. Both parties must pay dearly", he said. Kukava answers as follows: "I do not think Georgia should sell itself. We have enough internal resources without resorting to such radical methods of existence".

Kukava is one of those Georgian politicians who do not deny the need for relationships with Russia. A few days ago in Moscow, at a press center "World of News", during a round table organized by the Centre of Lev Gumilev, there were discussed the prospects of the Eurasian Union and Georgia's ability to enter it. Kukava has attended the round table. Chairman of "Free Georgia", expressing his attitude to this possibility, said: "The economic situation in the country is that there is a direct dependence of Georgia on the Russian market. Regarding the culture, Russia has been cultural guideline for Georgia for over the past 200 years. Starting from the 19th century, relations with Russia has led to a flowering of science, sports and culture in Georgia. You should also understand that the improvement of relations with Abkhazia and Ossetia is possible only through the intermediary mission of Russia".

The question is a different. Is Valery Khaburdzania, former chairman of the KGB, also known as Putin's "trustee", the political leader who "can find a common language with Russian leaders in relation of Abkhazia and so-called South Ossetia" observing the interests of Georgia?

President of the club of independent expert Soso Tsiskarishvili perceived Valery Khaburdzania's promises without much enthusiasm. He stresses that the former Minister of State Security has not participated in recent political battles in Georgia. All the while he was in Russia. In an interview to GTimes Mr. Tsiskarishvili said that "everybody remembered personal request of Vladimir Putin addressed to Mikheil Saakashvili to save Valery Khaburdzania as Defense Minister". Such guardianship by Russian leader is alarming.

- Currently the desire of the former Minister to create a pro-Russian party in Georgia can be simply an obligation to the people who had sent him", said Soso Tsiskarishvili. "You see, his activity has never been transparent, and I'm not sure that the personal reorganization of man can be such huge to make such direct transparent statements.

- And yet, in your opinion, what is the ex-Minister seeking for by making such shocking statements?

- This is nothing more than self-admiration. He might have created a pro-Georgian party in Washington equally well.

- And yet, if such pro-Russian party is established in Georgia, what are its chances of survival?

- I think, in Georgia there are those who support this initiative. But there are few of them. And, in my opinion, the existence of such a party with a strong pro-Russian is not promising in Georgia.

In Georgia today there are two vectors of development. One focuses on Europe and America, the other - on Russia. Saakashvili did not hide his Western focus. During his reign diplomatic relations with Russia were suspended. It was clear that while he is in power in Georgia relations with Russia will not be established. Ha this made Georgia closer to Europe or to NATO?

Today's power in the face of Bidzina Ivanishvili is maneuvering between two vectors. On the one hand, he confirms that the foreign policy will remain unchanged: Georgia will seek to join NATO. On the other hand, there is the desire of the Prime Minister to establish good neighborly relations with Russia. However, he believes that it is necessary to persuade Russia that the entry into NATO is not a threat to it. Ivanishvili acts not as openly as his predecessors.


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