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Saakashvili reveals military secrets?

20.04.2013  |  10:54

Saakashvili reveals military secrets?. 29318.jpeg

Speaking live on the Georgian TV President Mikheil Saakashvili told about the details of a phone talk with George W. Bush during the 2008 war. United States prepared to shell the Roki Tunnel, the U.S. 6th Fleet was going to shoot down Russian military aircraft ... And this is only a small part of the statement of the Georgian president. According to experts, such reckless remarks by the President can greatly harm the country.


Any military operation, as well as any military affairs as a whole, contains classified data. The 2008 war was no exception. However, Saakashvili decided that now it is time to reveal all the secrets, and within a two-hour speech on the TV channel "Rustavi-2" almost carried out an "independent investigation." Saakashvili has "declassified" his own plans, as well as the plans of the Russian leadership, and the most interesting - the plans of the American leadership and the military command.

In a country where even the sources of funds for some gifts and souvenirs for some ladies close to Mikheil Saakashvili were classified until recently, private talks with the U.S. President, Secretary of State and the U.S. military, apparently, does not represent any secret. For example, Saakashvili said that the U.S. military command seriously considered the possibility of a missile-bomb attack on the Roki Tunnel, if Russian troops moved to Tbilisi. "It is unfortunate that they did not take such a decision," Saakashvili said, speaking on TV.

"I called George Bush," the President of Georgia says. "And the Russian troops were already near Tbilisi. He asks, "How are you doing, it do not seem very well?" I say, "It does not matter. Tomorrow I might not exist. But you won't feel good - since the Soviet Union collapsed during the reign of your father. And now, if Russian troops enter Tbilisi while you are the President of the United States, it would mean the restoration of the USSR. Have you thought about how to go down in the history?" Saakashvili said.

Further the President speaks in detail. Bush goes down to some bunker, where he held a meeting with the CIA, and after a while makes a statement about the beginning of the humanitarian operation in Georgia.

However, Saakashvili has revealed the essence of this operation. "Do you think that these warships actually carried drinking water? Yes there were the warships, and a sole cruiser could deal with all the Russian navy and air forces that shelled Georgia," Saakashvili says. "Americans mobilized the fighters F-16 at the base in Romania, a NATO base in Turkey was also in full combat readiness. However, despite the delay, the Americans and their allies held a "red line" and showed the Russians that they should not cross it. The entire international community would have stood beside us," adds the President not without pride.

Mikheil Saakashvili has revealed another military secret. It turns out that in August 2008, the U.S. 6th Fleet went to the Black Sea without any agreements with Turkey. Officially, the U.S. then called the operation a "humanitarian mission."

Expert Kakha Kakhishvili proposes to classify Saakashvili's statements. "President is making very dangerous statements," Kakhishvili said in an interview with reporters. "He would have better testified to the investigation. I propose to classify all of his statements since he says such things that may harm the country.

And in one day he may blurt out something that will put Georgia on the brink of disaster," says Kakhishvili.

But a political expert George Khucishvili notes that Saakashvili is making all efforts to justify his own ill-considered actions committed in 2008. "Regardless of his statements, a large part of responsibility for what happened in August 2008, lies on Saakashvili," Khucishvili said in an interview to GeorgiaTimes. "Saakashvili is trying to show that it was some kind of global conflict, and says that it was about a danger of military confrontation between Russia and the United States. Actually, due to his ill-considered actions and because of the great faith in the invincibility of the Georgian army Saakashvili has created all the conditions so that Russia sent the troops to Georgia's territory, and later recognized their independence. As for the details of the conversation with George W. Bush I find it difficult to assess them because I do not know whether it was agreed with the Americans, or it was a private initiative of Mikheil Saakashvili. I know that the Americans have repeatedly warned Saakashvili against the idea to start any military operation, but he did it anyway even without the consent of the United States. Provocation and hostilities in the conflict zone occurred before, but it did not lead to full-scale war. Rather, Saakashvili wanted to put Washington before the fact so that they were forced to intervene if the case comes to the Russian troops. That's why Nicolas Sarkozy and other European leaders came to Georgia - to stop the Georgian President from any other ill-considered actions. Ultimately, Saakashvili gave Russia a good excuse to interfere in what was happening, and did so contrary to the opinion of all the Western partners," said Khucishvili.

Recently, the new Georgian government began talking about the need to re-investigate the circumstances of the war in August 2008. Mikheil Saakashvili is ready to witness at the parliamentary commission, but opposes the beginning of criminal proceedings, since in his opinion, this would harm the international image of Georgia.


Michael Vardzelashvili


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