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Passport with antichrist mark

29.04.2013  |  12:43

Passport with antichrist mark. 29351.jpeg

The biometric IDs in Georgia have a "Devil's Code", is it true? The people are arguing over the so-called ID-cards with electronic microchips. Patriarchate of Georgia has issued a statement on the occasion and asked the government to issue an alternative identity certificate for those who do not want to get a passport with microchip. However, the authorities are in no hurry to do so forcing the opponents of such documents continue to hold protests.


"Mark of the Beast," "Devil's Code", "A seal of Antichrist" - that's how the opponents of the so-called biometric passports and identity documents issued by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia call them. We are talking about the documents containing a special microchip with information about the owner. Among some priests and persons close to the Church it is believed that the documents are issued for total control over the population, which is indicating the approach of the Second Coming.

Opinions of the clergy have divided. Thus, in an interview with GeorgiaTimes a bishop of the Gardabani diocese Father Ephrem says that people should have a choice.

- One cannot force the people to take a passport with a microchip, the people themselves must decide how to act.

- Does this mean that you see certain danger in the issuance of biometric passports?

- I cannot add anything to the statement of the Patriarchate that had considered the issue at a meeting of the Holy Synod and adopted a relevant resolution related to the passport with the microchip containing three sixes and other issues, says Father Ephraim.

The mood of the clergy opposing the population receiving passports with the chip became more loyal after the decision of the Holy Synod "allowing" the people to choose wether to take such documents or not. Synod has responded: IDs "are not a seal of the Antichrist." At the same time, the Patriarchate appealed to the government with a request to introduce alternate IDs since the issue was being actively discussed in the society.

However, this request has not yet been satisfied. Consequently, opponents of the IDs are regularly holding meetings outside the building of the Ministry of Justice and other government bodies. Patriarchate of Georgia notes its non-participation in the rallies, although the clergy attends the meetings.

"We do not want to get permanent surveillance," said one of the activists of the movement Nana Rostomashvili. "At first, chips get into the passport, and then into the human body. You know, in the West, the animals have microchips, so one dog was found after she lost. And we do not want these chips to control us," Nana said in an interview with reporters.

Another activist against the passports with microchips, Michael Botchorishvili says that using IDs-cards you can be easily controlled. "We were warned by the spiritual fathers that this would happen before the Second Coming, and we are trying to protect ourselves from such events. Therefore, people should have an opportunity to get ordinary ID, without any chips and other satanic marks," says Michael.

But not all the priests believe that the biometric passport is dangerous. There is a more "advanced" clergy who really have no idea how the people could get such thought. "Who cares which passport I carry in my pocket, and how it might affect my relationship to God?" said father Theodore in a broadcast. "When it comes to the dangers of state control, it is very bad, but the issue of religion has nothing to do with the topic," he added.

Meanwhile, a psychologist and expert Ramaz Sakvarelidze indicates the low level of awareness of society. "This is not a problem of the Church and religion, this is a matter of education of the society," Sakvarelidze said in an interview GeorgiaTimes. "We live in a country where children are afraid of a "strange" dream since this means that they are possessed by the devil, because of what the children get severe psychological problems. I'm talking about real facts that I know firsthand. Well, the statements by the Partiarh All Georgia do not contribute and on the contrary prevent fueling the country's religious fanaticism and fundamentalism. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to say that such society is willing to live in the 21st century," says Sakvarelidze.

By the way, on various TV channels in Georgia, there are TV shows where clerics discuss various problems of the society and their solutions. And sometimes the views of clerics are radically different from each other, which is not surprising. In a country where politicization of society has reached unprecedented dimensions a standoff over any topic applies to all sectors of society.


Michael Vardzelashvili


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