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Saturday, 24 March 2018


Women are more faithful in their dreams

2008-11-12 11:17

What is the secret of black-and-white dreams? What nation is the most aggressive after turning in? How do female erotic dreams differ from male ones?... Seven facts you are unlikely to know - about dreams


Online newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung presents a number of interesting facts

1. Women remember dreams better then men. But in their dreams ladies rarer then men make love with somebody else but her\his partner.

2. People used say their dreams were often black-and-white. But in recent years this tendency has seemed to fade. Specialists explain that TV is an important source of impressions, and black-and-white TV- sets has practically disappeared. As a result, dreams are colorful again.

3. Greec doctor Dioscurides , the «star» of antique pharmacology recommended lettuce seed decoction to get rid of erotic dreams.

4. The phenomenon of the sleeping person realizing his\her condition and able to manage the dream, is widely known. It can find its implementation in practice. For example, researchers from the Heidelberg University were offered to train their marksmanship - in their dream people were to throw a coin into a cup, placed 6,5 feet away . Then, they had to do the same in reality. The percent of hits turned out to be much better than before the experiment.

5. The majority of animals are supposedly to have dreams. The scientists measured brain activity of sleeping rats and found much in common with the measurements while feeding. The rats, evidently, dreamt of feeding.

6. Authors of the research, published in 1960s, decided to learn people of what countries see the most aggressive dreams. Among industrially developed countries Americans were the champions in this category.

7. Many peoples have stories about mythical creatures coming to sleeping people. Ancient Germans believed that some especially terrible inhabitants of the underworld sit on a person's chest, obstructs breathing and in this way causes nightmares.


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