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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

New Spy Saga or PR Stunt? Georgia slammed for 'Russian agents' arrest 2010-11-10 Georgian opposition leaders say the latest spy scandal involving four Russians is being used by Tbilisi to score political points. It comes as Georgia's Interior Ministry has confirmed that 13 people were detained last month, accused of spying for Moscow.
Georgian prez sets $7 million ejection seat on private Bombardier jet 2010-05-21 Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili has reportedly decided to improve his personal security by installing an ejector seat in his private plane. But the country's opposition is enraged by what it sees as the lavish misuse of state funds.
Sex and Religion: Fists fly on TV over gay book scandal 2010-05-23 The deeply Orthodox Georgian society is in turmoil over the release of a book depicting homosexuality. The scandal has seen liberal groups and religious representatives literally come to blows. One side says it wants to protect society, the other wants to preserve freedom of speech. Rocketing sales is one of the consequences.
69 suspected Georgian mafia members arrested in huge crackdown in Europe 2010-03-15 69 people have been arrested in a co-ordinated crackdown on the Georgian mafia across Europe. Most were detained in Spain after a year-long investigation. Arrests also took place in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, as well as France and Italy. The suspects are believed to be affiliated to a Georgian mafia network accused of a raft of crimes. These include money-laundering, extortion, drug trafficking and possessing weapons. Initial reports suggested those detained belonged to the so-called Russian mafia, as people from former Soviet states are often mistakenly referred to as Russians in the West.
HOAX NEWS: Russia attacks Georgia, Saakashvili killed 2010-03-13 If one of your main news channels said your country's been invaded and your president murdered - you'd no doubt be extremely scared. In Georgia, that's just what's happened. What's worse is that the TV station only gave a brief warning that the Russian attack was a hoax - before frightening its primetime viewers for a good thirty minutes.
Georgia-Russia border post re-opens 2010-02-28 A border post between Russia and Georgia re-opens for traffic and trade after four years, a development welcomed by locals. But the move is hardly a sign of improving relations between the two neighbours. The border post was shut after tensions between Russia and Georgia escalated in 2006, a situation that eventually lead to a five day war in 2008. Businesses hope the re-opening will bring a much-needed economic boost to the region, but Georgian officials are adamant that there will be no thaw in relations with Moscow Matthew Collin reports from the Caucasus mountain town of Kazbegi on the Georgia-Russia border.
Body of Georgian luger arrives home after tragic Vancouver crash 2010-02-17 Body of luger Nodar Kumaritashvili has been flown to his homeland, Georgia, after the tragic training session crash at the Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada.
Cartoon caper: Georgian response to 'Simpsons' 2010-01-23 A Georgian version of the popular US cartoon The Simpsons has become a hit on state TV recently. The main difference from the prototype is that they make lots of fun of Russian politicians, while forgetting their own.
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