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Ossetians flee Georgia 03.11.2008 Ethnic Ossetians are leaving Georgia in search of somewhere to live in South Ossetia. Refugees claim they're being forced out of their homes and villages in Georgia, where most of them have spent all their lives.
Hopes for a brighter future 29.10.2008 As Russia is making the final step in cementing ties with South Ossetia and Abkhazia by ratifying a friendship treaty, people in the newborn nations hope now to live in peace.
Saakashvili sacks PM to coax opposition? 27.10.2008 Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili has dismissed the country's Prime Minister Lado Gurgenidze in a cabinet overhaul following the military operation in South Ossetia.
Russia-Georgia conflict goes to court 26.10.2008 Today we will talk about the Caucasian peace settlement. October saw several clashes between Russia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia on the one side and Georgia on the other: fortunately, this time not on a battlefield but in the Court of Justice in The Hague and at a negotiating table in Geneva. Both sides claimed victory and blamed the opponents for the breakdown of peace talks. Is there a way out? We will discuss it with the Head of Division at the Russian Foreign Ministry Legal Department, Ivan Volodin.
Children of war 21.10.2008 During georgian agression most of the children over 5,000 - were taken outside the Republic of South Ossetia. But about 1,500 remained and had to go through the war Psychologists say that itll take several years for children to finally recover from stress and catch up in studies with their peers. Will these children finally be able to forget about the war?
Georgia`s attack was Russia`s 9/11 12.09.2008 Foreign political experts continue traveling across Russia - talking with the country's top officials. From Chechnya to Rostov-on-Don, then to Sochi - now the Valdai Discussion club has shifted to Moscow to meet President Dmitry Medvedev. Speaking about the conflict in South Ossetia and its consequences, Medvedev has said that Georgias attack on South Ossetia on August 8, 2008, was the same to Russia what 9/11 was to the U.S.
Russian refugees flee Georgia 02.10.2008 A group of Russian refugees has had to cross the border with Georgia at gunpoint. They said that, despite having all the necessary documents, the Georgian police didn't want to let them through.
Georgia is agressor UN Assembly chief 19.09.2008 The President of the 63rd session of UN General Assembly, Miguel dEscoto Brockmann, says Russias actions against Georgia after an attack on South Ossetia were a justified response.
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„პატრიოტი“ - სეპარატისტი აზერბაიჯანლების წინააღმდეგ 29-05-2013 17:15 თბილისში გამოჩნა ახალი ორგანიზაცია სახელწოდებით „პატრიოტი“. მოსალოდნელია, რომ მასში საქართველოში მცხოვრებ 450 ათას აზერბაიჯანელზე მეტი გაერთიანდება. მათი მიზანი ქართულ საზოგადოებაში ინტეგრირება იქნება. იგი მოახდენს სეპარატისტული განწყობის გაჩენის პრევენციას და გაზრდის აზერბაიჯანლების როლს თავისუფალი და დამოუკიდებელი საქართველოს მშენებლობის საქმეში. ახლადშექმნილი ორგანიზაციის დამაარსებელთა და წევრთა პირველი ყრილობა უკვე შედგა. „კინოს სახლში“ დაახლოებით 500 კაცი შეიკრიბა. ორგანიზაციის თავმჯდომარედ ალახიარ იუსუფოვი აირჩიეს.
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